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Online News Agency – District Group: 1:20 p.m. The loss of a person who was an example of freedom, loyalty and patriotism for Islamic countries is unfortunate for the people of Kermani.

But the people of Kerman have in their minds the image of the man who saved the people of Iraq and Syria from the brutal clutches of ISIS, Hussainiya Tarallah or Deir Beit. Zahra Karman stood modestly to greet the crowd with his hands on his chest and a smile on his face.

man of the people

from the man Section There is no group except the path and school of Imam Hussein (pbuh).a) And the Objectives There was no revolution and it was always on the path of unity and compassion for the progress of the country.

Sher is a man from a rural nomad far from the city an eraser In Kerman, the village where he lives, simplicity of color is still present ash Now, more than 100,000 pilgrims from different parts of the country and the world are circumambulating the shrine of Haj Qassem, and with all the betrayals of the enemy, the conscious hearts of Iran and the earth are gathered around this soldier of the province and Iran. temple They guard it with their hearts and souls against the machinations of their enemies.

More than 100,000 pilgrims from different parts of the country and the world gathered around the shrine of Haj Qassem.

1:20 a.m. on January 22 was a sad reminder for the people of Kermani, but the moment produced According to him, the eternal desire of this great man is to be martyred in the deserts and mountains of Iraq and Syria.

Heart of the resistance front in Kerman Could heart beat

Tonight, the heart of the resistance front in Kerman Could heart beat And this is what the enemy fears, because the American terrorists did not know that three years ago, with the assassination of the martyr Soleimani, they were drawing the attention of thousands of people to the school and ideas of this great man.

Now, on the anniversary of the martyrdom of this soldier from the school of Imam Hussein (PBUH), pilgrims from 70 countries around the world, along with Iranian pilgrims, chanted the name of Haj Qassem and thought about his school and continued his work. Way

100,000 pilgrims, each of whom is an ambassador to spread the ideals of these martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the people within kilometers of the Kerman Martyrs’ Flower Garden.

loneliness ring cosmoen

Thousands of people shed tears tonight at Golzar Shahada in Kerman, the home of 1,300 martyrs, but this is the parable that martyr Soleimani dreamed several times in the middle of the night in solitude with these martyrs.

The school of freedom and martyrdom was a model that martyr Soleimani dreamed of several times in the middle of the night in isolation with these martyrs.

Here, young and old, Iranians, Arabs, Turks, Lear, Baluch, Kurdish, etc., are shouting the same name, and on the clear path drawn by the martyrs, there is unity and sympathy, and all the martyr Soleimani is alive. He is the leader of this school.

Martyr Soleimani says in part of his will; My dear Iranian brothers and sisters, you proud and proud people, let me and those like us become victims of thousands of winds, you have sacrificed hundreds of thousands of lives for Islam and Iran, take care of principles and principles, servant of jurisprudence, do not leave the tent of the province, the tent of the Messenger of God. The foundation of arrogance’s enmity against the Islamic Republic is the destruction of this tent it’s a turn around

Do not let the pressures of your enemies divide you, respect the armed forces to protect Islam and protect you and the homeland and try to support the homeland and Nami as the armed forces defend their homeland.

Above all, keep your hands clean, your loved ones, and your job of serving the country.

Today, the house of Hussein bin Ali (a) Know that this is Iran, the Islamic Republic is a temple, and if this temple remains, other temples will remain, if the enemy destroys this temple. temple Neither the Abrahamic Temple nor the Mohammedan Temple will remain.

The leader of hearts commands hearts

The commander who was once the commander of the 41st Division on the front line in Tarallah and whom the people of Kerman spoke of for his bravery and courage, is today the commander of the hearts of thousands of Iranians and non-Iranians. From Kashmir to Yemen and Bahrain and from Lebanon to Russia From Afghanistan From Kurdistan and Ardabil to Pakistan to Damascus, Lebanon and Palestine… And many hearts for the leader Could heart beat And thousands of Hajj Qassem follow the example of these martyrs and follow the path that ends with the freedom and strength of Muslims.

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