A private trip to the civilized city of Iran, the beautiful Shiraz

The countryside around Shiraz includes very picturesque and beautiful fairways surrounded by large seasonal lakes. It is a very suitable place for summer tourists, and as its name suggests, the resorts of Fars Province enjoy a very pure climate in the summer, which attracts many tourists for its excellent and wonderful climate in the hot seasons.

Shiraz roof at night The best way to Shiraz

Book a Shiraz tour It is welcomed in different seasons. This demand does not decrease in the summer, and this is due to the location of these villas around Shiraz. Tourists go to the beautiful Shiraz to spend time, and besides visiting the historical and beautiful buildings of Iran, they also benefit from these natural attractions.

Getting to know Shiraz villas for those who love to travel to this city will provide them with more opportunities to enjoy the natural attractions and enjoy the natural attractions while visiting the historical monuments around this city. Visiting these places during your trip to Shiraz will make your trip more enjoyable. Some villas are among the main destinations for tourism and natural tourism in this city, and visiting them requires a lot of preparation, but some of these places are suitable for tourists.

What are the most beautiful villas in Shiraz?

  • Arjan Plain

  • I will go to Dasht Haft

  • Castle village

  • Bemo National Park

  • Darodezen Dam Lake

  • Dashtuk village

  • tight ponytail

  • narrow pacifier

  • Maharlo Lake

  • Tanjab Dam Lake

  • Bonap Forest

  • Avalanche

  • And other beautiful tourist places around this city

Arjan Plain

Shiraz roof at night The best way to Shiraz

The beautiful plain of Shiraz is located 50 kilometers northwest of this city, and this area is considered one of the most famous areas of Lal Raz, with its unique views and natural capabilities, and it has been a suitable place for tourists over the past years, and this is due to the unique nature and unique climate of this plain.

Arjan Plain is located in the Zagros Mountains and on the Kazeroon Road, this road is dotted with tree-lined gardens taken from the green plains. There are many villages in this region, which are characterized by high flora and fauna, natural springs, unique mountain waterfalls and forests that stand out in different parts of this plain.

I will go to Dasht Haft

It is considered one of the reserves in Fars Governorate, which is located 60 kilometers northwest of this city and near the Arjan Plain.

To visit this region, you need to be on Kaziron Road.

Before Dasht Arjan, continue on the side road of Haft Baram Lake. It does not contain many facilities, but due to its unique weather and scenic landscapes, it is a suitable place for tourists and can be visited during all seasons of the year. general. Open to the public.

There are 4 permanent water tanks and seasonal water tanks in the Haftam field, which is why this area was called Haft Baram.

Castle village

It is located near Shiraz, located 25 kilometers northwest of Shiraz.

There are villages that have been registered at the national level, this village is located in a mountainous area and many athletes commute to the area to spend time and climb.

The scenery of this village in the height of the surrounding mountains is very amazing. The stone entrance and the houses were laid side by side in the form of stairs and made of mud and mud. They made. they became. They have become.

The alleys of these gardens are lined with tall trees and clear streams run through them.

Four old trees are placed in the center of this village and are of great value to the people of Kalat village.

One of the most important natural attractions in this village are the springs, waterfalls, fig springs and rivers in this area, which are full of water in summer and spring.

In this village, there are natural buildings located around the village and around the river and its waterfalls, and there are many medicinal and aromatic plants in it. With the onset of spring, cherry trees bloom and double their beauty.

Bemo National Park

Shiraz roof at night The best way to Shiraz

Bemo National Park is one of the most important protected parks in Iran, located in Fars Province.

There are different types of wildlife in it. Bemo National Park is less known than other Iranian parks.

Its landscape is unique, there are no villages within this park, but there are green gardens on the outskirts of the villages. Bemo National Park is located in the northeast of Shiraz and on the road from Shiraz to Isfahan.

This park was entered as a prohibited hunting area in 1991 and after 5 years it was included in the protected area and finally in 1994 it became a national park.

The climate of Bemo National Park is semi-arid and cold. It has cold winters, most of which have high temperatures, and there are more than 300 species of plants. The green areas of the region are due to the presence of many springs. All around this national park, at the entrance, Bemo National Park is home to the Wildlife Museum.

In this museum, the stuffed animals of this area were shown to the public. You will be allowed to visit them in groups.

Horsetail Gorge

Horseshoe Gorge is one of the green forests of Shiraz, which has a beautiful and long waterfall that looks like a horse’s tail, which is why it is named that way.

This gorge is located 50 km south of Shiraz, and this village near this valley is called Koreh Bes and it belongs to the Kohmereh Surkhi Company.

Along the narrow horseshoe path, there is a very roaring river, next to which you will see green oak trees.

The best time to travel to this gorge is spring and summer. The time in the surrounding nature will be much nicer and it will be easier for you to tolerate the temperature of the water.

Darodezen Dam Lake

Darudzin Dam Lake is located in a beautiful village with the same name, located in the city of Maroudasht, and in this lake, the surroundings are very popular and have a lot of tourism potential.

In this lake, the surroundings are designed for boating.

There are many traditional restaurants and canteens around the lake. The dam of the Darudzin Reservoir is located on the Karun River, and drinking water is supplied to the farmlands and neighboring towns from it.

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