The need for the municipality of Tehran to replace plastic with other materials in Tehran

The head of the Health Committee of the Islamic Council in Tehran stressed the need for the Tehran municipality to pay attention to replacing plastic with other materials in Tehran.

According to the informants, Mehdi Berhadi, at the 152nd plenary session of the Islamic Council of Tehran, referring to the grand ceremony commemorating the death of Imam Khomeini, said: “The efforts and actions of the urban service forces of the municipality of Tehran in order to serve the pilgrims at this ceremony should be appreciated.

Referring to the June 15th day called World Environment Day, he added: We must pay attention to environmental principles in conditions of unbalanced distribution, and we must take into account the importance of this issue to create sustainable development.

Referring to the excessive use of plastic, the member of the Tehran City Council continued: In Iran, three million tons of plastic are produced and distributed in nature every year, which causes many environmental problems. Based on this, a regulation was approved by the government obliging the municipalities and the Ministry of Security to replace plastic with other materials, something that has not yet been implemented.

Berhadi stressed: The Tehran municipality should pay special attention to the procedures related to this decision.

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