The armed robber committed suicide during his arrest

Aftab news:

Colonel Muhammad Naderbeiji said: An hour ago, after the police observed a stolen Mazda car on the Mahadasht-Ishtahdt axis, Ishtahdt city police officers immediately intervened to arrest the thieves.

He added: After the officers recognized the car, they chased it and took care of it, and the thieves escaped without heeding the police’s stop order, and by taking risky actions and shooting at the officers, they disrupted public order and security. Observing the law on the use of weapons, they fired several volleys and stopped themselves.

The deputy police chief of Alborz province added: After stopping the car, the accused tried to flee on foot, and the officers thwarted their behavior by carrying out police actions and wanted to arrest them, while one of the thieves used a weapon.

This policeman said: The second suspect, the passenger of the stolen car, was arrested, and during a physical search of him and the thief who attempted suicide, a weapon and a large number of counterfeit banknotes were discovered.

In the end, Colonel Naderbeiji stated that the investigation in this area has begun and additional results will be announced later.

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