The old American woman was accused of theft for the third time

A 78-year-old woman who was convicted of two bank robberies in the past faces new charges after committing another robbery in Missouri.

According to the informants, Euronews reported, “Bonnie Gooch” went to jail after being accused of theft or attempted theft from a financial institution during last Wednesday’s holiday.

Gotsch had previously been convicted of a California bank robbery in 1977 and another in the Kansas City suburb of Lee Summit in 2020. His parole for the second robbery expired in November 2021.

Documents filed in court relating to the recent theft include $13,000 in bills and a note saying, “Thank you, sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Apparently, he delivered this note to the bank teller during the robbery.

Eyewitnesses say that the woman asked the bank teller not to count the money and give it to her. The local prosecutor also said that surveillance video also captured the image of the woman hitting the counter while telling the cashier to hurry up.

According to Citystar, witnesses said the suspect was dressed in a gray uniform and was wearing plastic gloves, a black N95 mask, and sunglasses.

When the officers arrested the old woman, the prosecutor said, the stolen cash was poured into the car and she could smell the strong smell of alcohol. He was also very violent with the police officers.

Local police chief Tommy Wright, while lamenting the situation, said the suspect had no diagnosed disorder.

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