The media is the best way to inform, refine and carry out tasks successfully

According to Kazvin’s whistleblower financial reporter; A wide range of activities, sponsorships and cooperatives in the employment sector must use all capabilities to achieve success in business, Ainullah Keshavarz Turk said at a seminar on Sunday with media and officials of local news agencies and publications at Khazfin Labor Office.

“Improving operations in the current period is important so that we can solve some of the problems of the past,” he said.

“There is no doubt that all ideas must be used to achieve the goal, and in the meantime, I consider it necessary to create an elite and intellectual institution,” recalled the Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Welfare of the Casvin County. ideas”.

“As a university, I consult and hope that journalists and media professionals can help our managers with their ideas to move things forward,” he said.


“Transparency in work helps success, and in this period we adopted the principle of transparency to achieve better results,” the Turkish farmer said.

The Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Welfare of Casvin County added: “The Secretary of Labor has started to make transparency more motivating and has made a wonderful decision to register permanent work during his ministry, and we have implemented the same policy in the Ministry of Labour.” Our county is doing this to address the challenges of the past.

“We and you should be responsible, and in this regard, the media is an opportunity, and we will use and welcome your criticism and information so that success continues,” he said.

“One of the main policies this year is to create jobs and eliminate unemployment, and we hope to fulfill our mission by informing citizens to use home business facilities,” the Turkish farmer said.

“This year’s commitment is to create 26,000 jobs in the province, and we hope to provide job opportunities for qualified people with the help of all media outlets, including news agencies, local and national press, channels and news sites,” he said. “

“In implementing employment programmes, the media helps us in creating culture, discourse and content production,” said the General Director of Cooperatives, Labor and Welfare of Casvin County.

Then several correspondents exchanged their views on how to contact the Labor Office.

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