Announcing when to invoke a teacher appreciation plan

The Public Administration of Education in Khuzestan announced the time to protest against the teacher classification plan.

According to the Anna Science and Technology Agency report, some teachers are protesting against their classification, which was announced by the Khuzestan Education Department at the time of the protest.

Accordingly, the General Administration of Education of Khuzestan announced that with regard to notification of the working group’s guidelines for handling objections in special cases of implementing the teacher classification plan by the Ministry of Education, colleagues who did not register their objections. or request to amend their objections within the specified deadline, and they can register their application in the system from 26 to 29 May for review by this working group.

Obviously, this deadline cannot be extended.

The announced schedule is as follows:

The deadline for registering demonstrators’ requests in the system is from 26/2/1402 to 29/2/1402.

Dealing with requests and announcing the opinion of the work team and the audit committee: 2/30/1402 to 3/3/1402

Permission to register the protest or upload documents within the framework of the protest editing of the approved applications: After the approval of the work team, this is until 24:00 on Sunday 3/7/1402 at the latest.

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