A specialized exhibition of carpets and rugs will be held in Qazvin

According to Khazvin’s financial reporter report; “The authentic Iranian handwoven carpet is so bright all over the world that everyone knows it, and it is our duty to present and protect this precious national art,” said Ahmad Khorjami in this regard.

“Holding special exhibitions plays an important role in introducing the capabilities of producers and workers in the field of handwoven carpets and provides an ideal platform for displaying the most beautiful, attractive and valuable Iranian handwovens,” Khorgami said. female artists.

He added: The 14th special exhibition of handwoven carpets and rugs will be held from July 6 to 10 for five days at the permanent site of the international fairs in Khojavin Province.


Khorgami reminded: More than 30 producers and operators in the field of hand-made carpets from East Azerbaijan, Kom, Ganjan, Charmahal, Bakhtiari, Kogovin and Tehran provinces, will present carpets and other materials in this exhibition.

CEO of Qazvin International Exhibition Company said: Introducing people to this national art, supporting local producers, supporting national industry and industrialization, honoring the amazing and valuable art of Iranian carpet weavers, and creating a suitable space for direct interaction between use. . One of the objectives of this exhibition is for producers and manufacturers.


This official said: The 14th Special Exhibition of Handwoven Carpets and Rugs will open from 16:00 to 22:00 at the Permanent Place of International Fairs in Khazvin Province.

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