Announcement of Tehran Municipality’s readiness to transport pilgrims to the holy shrine of Imam Rahil

Deputy Director of Transportation and Traffic of Tehran Municipality announced that the metro and bus fleet will serve the pilgrims of the holy shrine of the great founder of the Islamic Revolution with maximum strength and ability and from various sources in the city, and said: In order to hold the thirty-fourth ceremony as magnificently as possible on the anniversary of the death of the Imam, arrangements have been made especially.

According to the informants, In announcing this news, Jalal Bahrami added: According to the planning, a fleet of buses will allocate a special fleet to transport pilgrims from 23 main points and the main square in the capital to the holy shrine and return them to their original places.

He pointed out that the service of the pilgrims of the Imam (PBUH) will start from six o’clock tomorrow morning, Sunday 14 Khordad, to the holy shrine, and a thousand buses have been planned for this purpose, and another hundred buses will be added to this number if necessary. He stated: The buses that transport the pilgrims to the holy shrine, at the end of the ceremony, take them to their original location.

Bahrami mentioned that the special service of the metro operating company will start from the evening of Saturday 13 Khordad in order to transport the pilgrims of the Imam (may God be pleased with him) and explained: In this regard, the night shrine service to the shrine from the month of Rey. To the Al-Haram Al-Sharif station by a 30-minute drive from 10:00 pm on Saturday, June 13th until 5:00 am on Sunday, June 14th.

Pointing out that for the well-being of the pilgrims, service will start on metro line 5 at 5:00 am on Sunday, June 14, and other internal lines in the city will start at 5:30 am. On June 14, from the beginning of the morning until the end of the concert, the metro will be reduced from 7 minutes to 5 minutes, and the distance between trains on Lines 2 and 4 will be reduced from 7 minutes to 6 minutes.

He explained that the taxi organization allocated 216 transport vehicles in the Holy Sanctuary and Behesht Al-Zahra (peace be upon them both) for the funeral ceremonies of Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him), explaining that transport trucks will be sent starting from Sunday morning. June 14, and from the beginning until the end of the ceremony, the pilgrims will be served on two routes, one from Al-Baisrat and Afrasiabi Square (new parts) to Bab Al-Shuhada, and the other from the beginning of Allama Asgari East Street to the entrance to the Holy Shrine.

Pointing out that special procedures have been prepared for this occasion by the Transport and Traffic Organization on the occasion of the death anniversary of the Imam (may God be pleased with him), and he said: 30,000 parking spaces for pilgrims’ cars have been prepared, as well as as executive measures. In line with the preparation and maintenance of the surrounding environment and the roads leading to the shrine of the Imam (may God be pleased with him), such as leveling, drawing and installing New Jersey in this area and its road network has also been implemented and is in progress.

According to the Public Relations and International Affairs report of the Deputy of Transportation and Traffic in the Municipality of Tehran, it was concluded by honoring the memory of Imam Khomeini for the citizens who go to the Holy Mosque on Sunday, June 14 to renew their lives. Pledge with the lofty ideals of Imam Rahal and advised him to go to this event using the subway and buses instead of the private car.

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