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Balqis Karam Spring Park will reopen for Nowruz travelers

The Informants / Kahjluyeh and Boyer Ahmed The Mayor of Schram announced the reopening of the Cesme Balqis Schram Park to Newroz travelers and tourists.

Hamza Bazi said in an interview with a correspondent of two informants: After meetings in the province of Chiram, the door of the Chesme Balqis Park will be opened to this city for travelers and tourists, starting from tomorrow, April 9, 1402, of course, under special conditions.

While congratulating him on Nowruz and accepting the prayers and prayers of the dear Newroz, he added: Balqis Shiram Spring Amusement Park as a green jewel in the south of the country with pleasant weather and beautiful nature can be a wonderful destination for Nowruz travelers and tourists.

And the mayor of Schram said: There was an interruption in service in this park for a few days due to the adaptation of the wonderful and beautiful Cesme Balqis Schram garden to the holy month of Ramadan. In order to comply with the conditions of passengers, tourists and dear Nowruz guests, this park will receive guests from April 9, 1402 with the following conditions:

Any kind of cooking, especially kebabs, is prohibited in the garden, and the residence of tourists and travelers who do not meet the conditions of fasting are marked and placed at the bottom of the garden, and Islamic customs and traditions must be observed, and any swimming in the garden according to the rules is prohibited.

Balqis Karam Spring Park will reopen for Nowruz travelers

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