Bennett: Israel is on the side of the Ukrainian people / Shultz: We support a diplomatic settlement

In a joint press conference with the German chancellor, the Israeli Prime Minister stressed that the regime stands on behalf of the Ukrainian people and supports them. The German chancellor stressed the need for diplomatic reconciliation and mutual support to continue talks between Moscow and Kiev.

“Israel stands by the people of Ukraine,” Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz in West Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Referring to Schulz’s official visit to the occupied territories for the first time since he was appointed chancellor of Germany, Bennett said: “This visit came at a critical time in the world, Israel and Germany want to stop the killings in Ukraine and this confrontation.”

Schultz told Bennett in a press conference today that the “Israeli” government had fully agreed to travel to Berlin to negotiate with the government.

“Germany and Israel support a diplomatic settlement of the conflict in Ukraine and the continuation of the Moscow-Kiev talks,” he added.

“The important thing now is that diplomacy finds its opportunity,” Schultz said. “We confirm the possibility of resuming talks between Russia and Ukraine as soon as possible,” he added.

“NATO will never interfere in the situation in Ukraine, and that would be NATO’s fault,” he said.

“The situation is dangerous because we are talking about a war between the largest country in the world and the largest nuclear power (Russia) and the second largest in Europe (Ukraine), so no one should underestimate the danger,” he said.

“Our approach is very clear: We will never intervene militarily,” he concluded. This is a special NATO approach, and NATO will never do that and it would be a mistake in the current situation. “

He stressed that the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program will not be delayed any longer.

The German chancellor added: “We hope to reach an agreement in Vienna. Now is the time to make a decision and we should not delay this agreement any longer.”

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