Iraq: Only 5% of ISIS remains

Al-Jazeera quoted Iraqi Defense Minister Zuma Inad as saying, “We have managed to destroy most of the military force of ISIS in Iraq, and the group’s strength is not more than 5 percent.” Fighting ISIS requires the vigilance of the security forces and the use of drones instead of armed forces and tanks.

Zuma Anand warned against spreading false security information about ISIS operations on social media, saying it could have a negative impact on the country’s security.

Regarding ISIS’s movements across the Syrian border, he said: “The Syrian border from Al-Qaim to Rabeh is completely safe and under full security supervision, and there are barriers on the borders controlled by Iraq.”

“We have 32 F-16s that can withstand any target,” he said. The army has a large number of Russian fighters. But these fighters are not regulars. We will soon have four advanced radars and we have signed a contract to purchase another 14 radars. American combat aircraft continue to operate in Iraq, and the company has been operating at the Balad base north of Baghdad for nearly 10 years. The army also has 24 Korean fighters.

And regarding the recent ISIS attack on the city of Al-Azim in Diyala province, which led to the killing of 11 Iraqi soldiers, he said: “Six military officers were convicted after this incident.” The accident occurred with a glitch and the troops may have been asleep.


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