Bring some souvenirs from Mashhad

According to the Ana news agency, the trip to Mashhad is not only a pilgrimage, but also a kind of tourism. Apart from being an Imami Rauf host, to which many people go to visit this city every year, it has many attractions and tourist attractions, and apart from that, it can be a source of souvenirs and handicrafts that people can prepare for their loved ones. .

In fact, it can be said that the name of Mashhad is associated with souvenirs more than any other city, and Mashhad’s gifts are so diverse that it will satisfy anyone of any taste.

Bring some souvenirs from Mashhad

Fayrouzeh Neyshabour

There are mines full of turquoise around the city of Mashhad and around the city of Nishapur, which may be more than 2,000 years old.

The turquoise found in the Nishapur souvenir was molded into a spectacle by artists and stone-workers and eventually appears on ornaments, dishes, splendid paintings, and rosaries.

Note that you can get turquoise cut or cut, and the more spectral lines, darker blues and greens in a turquoise stone, the more valuable the turquoise is.

the ring

In the markets of Mashhad, you will see many shops that sell rings, some of which are decorated with precious stones, while others use silver in their rings.

Many people who make keepsake rings take these rings to the shrine and bless them so that they can take home a beautiful and blessed keepsake for their loved ones.

The famous ring stones

Apart from selling ready-made rings, you can also buy suitable gemstones for the ring. It may be interesting to know that Mashhad is the city of precious stones in the world and more than 22 precious stones are known in this city, such as turquoise, agate, sapphire, Sharaf Shams, emeralds in Najaf and iron. The most common stones found on stirrups.

confusion or shroud

When traveling to Mashhad, many people go for a shroud or in other words an afterlife garment.

Shrouds of two types, female and male, on which are usually written with saffron water, the supplication of the forty believers, the supplication of light, Sharqul, the visit of Ashura, Yushan Kabir and the supplication of the twelve imams.


Considering that Mashhad is a religious city, selling rosaries is very popular in this city. It can be said that rosaries are the most purchased souvenirs for pilgrims.

In Mashhad, there are precious pools made of expensive special stones and materials, such as:

  • Stone rosaries (turquoise, jade, agate)
  • Tasbeeh Shah Maqsood
  • amber
  • Yasser
  • sandalus

Of course, in the market you can choose more delicate rosaries made of turquoise or agate for women’s souvenirs.

Bring some souvenirs from Mashhad

purple weave

Purple weaving is actually the art of interweaving the delicate leaves of the purple bush and of course sometimes birch branches in the form of webs. The Mayan village, 35 km from Mashhad, can be considered the center of purple weaving in the country.

All kinds of baskets such as fruits, flowers, shopping baskets, fruits, rice and decorative items are made of purple leaves.

Rugs and carpets

Carpets, rugs and rugs are handicrafts in Iran, which are carved and woven all over the country according to the traditions and customs of that region.

Mashhad is also one of the cities whose travelers prefer to buy rugs and carpets for souvenirs, rugs and carpets from the art of the nomads of Khorasan.

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