Thieves call the former world champion in wrestling!

According to Shafaf, the car of Mohammed Tala’a, 20, was recently stolen. This is the first car of Abolfazl Talai to be stolen in front of his home in Tehran, and the former coach of the Iranian national teams for adults and youth has done an interesting job. He posted a picture of the car with his contact number in cyberspace and asked anyone who saw the car to call him. This story was republished on Instagram by several contemporary leaders of Muhammad Tala’i.

After this step, interesting contacts were established with the 1997 World Freestyle Wrestling Champion. Muhammad Tala’a told the informants: My son Abul Fadl’s car is an old Chevrolet. This car was not very expensive, Abul Fadl bought about 50-60 million, but they took the price and it was very clean. I told Abul Fadl that this car is very clean and if they like it it is not expensive if they like it.

In response to a question: Was the car tracked by saving the car’s photo and contact number? A group of criminals called and said that this was not their job. Apparently, they were involved in this theft. One of them said that stealing the car was the work of others on a particular street. It is interesting that if they took the car, they would be proud of me, but they did not have this request!

Tala’a referred to other interesting calls and said, “I called 0912 and many of my old friends called, but I didn’t know about them for a long time and we didn’t have the number.”

The former coach of the national youth team said: “His last story reminds the world of the hero of the throne whose car was stolen by thieves, and when he found out that the car was the world champion, he cleaned it up.” With a letter he said: Sayyid Takhti is God alone. When we think that there is nothing in this world that is stupid, we have to put it on the back of our minds that we do not know.

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