Taekwondo silver and 4 bronze in the South Korean championship / Defeating all 6 Iranian actors in front of the host!

According to a transparent report, the free taekwondo competitions in South Korea will begin on Wednesday and run until July 14 at Hoban Hall, hosted by Changchun. Iran’s Amal and Seniors teams compete in the men’s category.

On the first day competitions were held with weights 54, -58, -80, +87, +80 kg. And represented our country again in the semi-finals, where he beat Barbosa from the Philippines 2-1 (13-11 Philippines won the first round – 20-2 Al-Mahdi won the second round and 11-8). Mehdi is in the third round and reached the finals.

The final of Haji Al-Mousay against its host Park was 14-10 in the first round and 16-15 in the second round. Alhaji Moussai previously won the silver medal at the 2020 Changchun Asian Championships.

In the +87 kg weight category, Ali Nadalyan won the first round 9:3 and the second round 10:7 against Yu of South Korea, and in the semi-finals he beat Lee of South Korea 2:0. He surrendered and was satisfied with the bronze medal. Nadalyan, under the name Alhaji Moussa, won the silver medal at the Asian Taekwondo Championships.

With the same weight, Ali Al-Najafi defeated the Afghan Amir Ali Akbari 2-1 in the counting round (7-2 the first round – the second round 5 Al-Najafi warnings and the winner of the five warning rounds for the representative of Afghanistan) and reached the semi-finals. He defeated Bai and won the medal and got a bronze

At -80kg and last 18, Mehran Hashodari 2:1 (3-3 in first round – Mehran Hashodari – 2-4 in second round – Chang – 7-5 in third round) passed Chang’s barrier. In China, in the quarter-finals, Altangler defeated Mongolia in two consecutive rounds, 9-2 in the first round and 12-2 in the second round.

At this point, the representative of our country, weighing 80 kg, lost 2-1 in the screening round to South Korea (11-9 in the first round of the Korean delegation – 7-3 in the second round – 3 in the third round for the representative of Korea – 4) and took the bronze .

With the same weight, Ali Ashkorian beat Australia in the round of 16 with a score of 2-0, and the next stage was won by Ramesh Hosseini of Afghanistan with a score of 2-1 (9-2 first-round winner Ashkorian – 12-2 second-round winner Ashkorian) our country’s representative lost 2- 1 in the countdown against the host country’s taekwondo in the semi-finals and won the bronze medal.

Iran’s Hossein Lotfi lost to South Korea’s Lee Chang Yang in the first match in the 58 kg weight group, 2-1, and lost the medal.

It is noteworthy that in the men’s category, weight competitions of 63, -68, -74, -87 kg are held on the second day, and weight competitions of 49, -57, -73 kg and +73 kg. detained.

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