China opposes interference in Iran’s internal affairs under the pretext of riots

In response to America’s position;

The Chinese Foreign Ministry criticized the US position on the recent unrest in Iran, and stressed Beijing’s firm opposition to any interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

According to the report of the regional and global group of the Anna news agency, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman “Mao Ning” answered a question about imposing sanctions and other threats against Iran at a press conference on Sunday. He talked about the unilateral US sanctions against Iran under the pretext of the recent unrest in Iran, which China opposes.

He stressed: We are against interference in the internal affairs of countries under any pretext, and we are against the color revolution in countries in the name of democracy and human rights.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden, in a statement issued on Monday (October 3) in support of the recent unrest in Iran, said the United States will impose new sanctions on Iranian officials Washington says are involved in “violence against protesters.” , Progressing. Continuing his interventionist stances, Biden added: This week, the United States will impose more costs on the perpetrators of violence against peaceful protesters. We will continue to hold the Iranian authorities accountable and support Iranians to protest freely.

Two days after Biden’s statement, the US Treasury announced that in its most serious measure to support unrest in Iran, it had put the names of seven officials, including Iran’s communications minister, on its sanctions list. Prior to that, the US Treasury had accused Iran’s moral security police of “violence against women” and placed it on its sanctions list. In its previous statement, America held the moral security police responsible for the killing of Mahsa Amini, without citing any documents.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Nasser Kinani, responded to Biden’s intrusive remarks, saying that instead of humanitarian gestures, he should think about his country’s human rights record, and said: “The President of the United States” should worry about the countless sanctions against the Iranian nation.

Al-Kinani wrote on his Instagram page: The intrusive behavior and frank support of some Western governments for the recent unrest in Iran and the continuation of their provocative behavior have proven that whenever they see an opportunity, they take direct and indirect measures. . He will not hesitate to act against the stability, security and stability of our system and our country.

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