Taj explained about FIFA’s latest message to the Football Association

Mehdi Taj explained FIFA’s message to the Football Association regarding the non-payment of Wilmots’ salary.

According to the informants, Mehdi Taj, president of the Football Association, said Wednesday evening, on the sidelines of the General Assembly of the Football Council in Mazandaran Province, that FIFA sent a letter to the Football Association regarding the non-payment of Wilmots. Rights: The letter has been received so that if there is an objection to the outcome of the case, it is published. We wrote our protest. The basis of the Wilmots case was that the ban we imposed prevented payment. This issue was made very clear in the announced vote. We continue to boycott and ask FIFA to lift Boycott and give us money so we can carry on with our work.

He said about the Mazandaran provincial elections session: “Good things happened and the seat of this session has ended.” The group needed to develop so that Mr. Khalidi could do the job better. Mazandaran Province’s share is unique and there are now around 60 Premier League players from this province. The share of Mazandaran Province in all national categories is very good. This province is important to us and we want to make this province more prosperous in football.

The FA president added: “A lot of efforts have been made in the past and I think there should be a structural plan and equipment in the complex.” One problem is the hardware that proper stadiums have to provide. The second issue is building the football team, which we will start working on today and I will pay him 200 million tomans. The unit turns on the first light. We are looking for constructive help for the football teams. Since the time of Dr. Dadka, lands have been seized and granted to the provinces.

He continued: Several buildings were also built for the football team. Mr. Kafashian, Wasfi Farhani and Aziz Mohammadi have helped me in this way and I must continue in this way. Khuzestan Province and other provinces suffer from many problems in this area. God willing, they will start building a football team in this province starting tomorrow, and they promised to complete it within two years.

Regarding the performance of the Mazandaran team, Taj said: I have a positive evaluation. I think something good is going on. Of course, she played a role in electing the previous government, and this was the eighth assembly that was held in this governorate, and I participated in it. The previous government also did good things and I think that will be good for the province now.

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