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According to the Internet reporter, Iskander Pasalar And they considered this evening, Thursday, at the second meeting of the Committee of Infertility Experts, with the aim of facing the challenges, methods of treatment and their results, and in line with the support of the family and youth of the association, the Quranic headquarters of the Holy Qur’an. To be a family association is a factor in the category of dictatorship, and they said: They are a correct and logical duty and they serve the people with interest.

The Director General of Bushehr explained that all social and cultural activities and services for individuals must be carried out with the aim of gaining satisfaction, awareness and a sustainable goal, adding: The defense force of any country depends on supporting the foundation of the family. youth of the population.

And he continued: all the problems of children To bring Basically, it has nothing to do with livelihood, but the law on the youth of the population should be public knowledge and brought to the people.

A member of the Public Culture Council in Bushehr Province stated that the general policy documents of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution included detailed, wise, effective and forward-looking directives and made it clear: The headquarters of the Al-Quran family is the representative of the law. Since last year, the guardians of the province and the family of the province’s residents have been formed by order of Imam Juma Bushehr and the governor of Bushehr, and all indicators have been put in place to support the youth and define programs. A special department was assigned to the Civil Registry Organization, other government institutions and public think tanks, which reached agreement in the meetings and achieved the desired projects and goals.

    Youth programs in Bushehr Province should be pursued more seriously

Pasalar He stressed the need to increase the population’s downward trend and the problem of low fertility in a short period, stressing that infertility is one of the basic indicators among young people, and it must be addressed in a cooperative manner. The University of Medical Sciences, the Omid Infertility Center, the national media, the news organizations affiliated with the Educational Jihad Society, the Red Crescent and other organizations must address and address this problem.

The infertility rate in Bushehr province is about 16%.

The head of the infertility center in Bushehr province, pointed out that according to the World Health Organization report, there are more than 80 million infertile couples in the world, indicating that the population trend in Iran is declining.

Parviz Farzadnya continued her speech by saying that abnormalities and reduced fertility in women aged 33 and over: infertility treatment contributes significantly to the country’s population growth of 10%.

Announcing that the percentage of infertility in Bushehr province is about 16%, Farzad Niya explained: The problem of infertility includes psychological, social and cultural injuries, divorce and suicide.

With the title of this article, Level 2 Infertility Treatment Center to be launched soon in Baragan City, he said: 34% of the clients of the Umed Infertility Center came to the conclusion that infertility treatment and infertility treatment are mainly included. and supplementary insurance

Damages caused by neglecting religious sources this is

Hojjat al-Islam Ahmad Reza Yazdan added: Unfortunately, the birth rate is low. To bring The result in today’s society is the proliferation of theoretical foundations that have been put forward in public forums and gradually solidified in the past two decades.

On the other hand, he said, the difficult economic and social conditions in the current era do not encourage anyone to take this fateful decision, but rather encourage all his motives to experience childhood. To bring destroy

Lifestyle experts considered that population growth depends on observing and applying rules and regulations, and said, “Unfortunately, religious sources are neglected in discussing the ‘good life’ slogan to promote faulty and incoherent thinking with fewer children.” And now, because of this article, the source of depopulation and authoritarian thinking in the country is fundamentally damaged, albeit from a child’s point of view. To bring Better planning for infertility treatment and population growth is needed, along with community awareness and sustainable comprehensive support to build a brighter future.

Population is the most important aspect of a country

Hujjat al-Islam, Yazdan, Child Protection, see this article To bring It is a real and natural Islamic desirable, the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) praised marriage and childbearing, and considers the population the most important aspect of the state and government.

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