Zarifar International Marshes: The main demand of Kurdistan in the field of the environment

Informants / Kurdistan The environmental organization of the Education and Public Participation Group in the country has identified the protection of the Garivar Wetland as one of the county’s main environmental priorities.

“Managing and protecting these wetlands, which are a beautiful jewel in the Kurdistan region, is a serious demand, and we will do all our efforts to protect them,” said Nourullah Moradi at the Public Relations Office of the President of the Republic during the President’s visit to the Kurdistan Region.

Grevar presented Wetland as a unique ecosystem with high biodiversity and said: The team of the Environmental Protection Department in Kurdistan has prioritized the protection and restoration of wetlands as a priority and concern.

Moradi continued: It is expected that meetings and working groups on wetlands will be formed so that local communities can benefit from these wetlands and their practical functions according to their capabilities and social responsibilities.

He pointed out: He assessed the role of environmental fertilizers in assisting the organization’s goals of wetland dynamics and restoration.

One of the most important measures and implementation taken by the General Administration of Environmental Protection in Kurdistan is to provide drinking water to the city of Marivan by installing a treatment plant in the Garan Dam, which leads to cutting off the water supply. Drink water from this water bowl.

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