The agency’s reporting has always been a source of pressure on Iran

Talk/negotiate with Grossi under specific protocols

A member of the Islamic Revolution faction said: Basically, Iran’s problem with the International Atomic Energy Agency is that this international organization has never been placed in its specialized and technical position, and that the reports of this organization have created a platform for doubling pressure on our country. .

Ahmed Rustina, a member of the Cultural Committee of the Islamic Council, said in an interview with the correspondent of the Policy Group at ANA News Agency, about the agency’s reports and the pressure on Iran: Nuclear technology was established as one of the components of the country’s development many years ago, and fortunately, the Islamic Republic is among A pioneer in the discussion of nuclear technology, it is considered a well-known country and a member of the nuclear club in the world.

And he said: When a country has a capacity and enrichment of 60%, and the world also accepts this issue, and considers that Iran has put all its energies into the peaceful use of nuclear technology, then there is no doubt regarding Iran’s attempt to move to the side of making the atomic bomb.

On the other hand, the state that does not have the ability to achieve higher enrichment in the scientific field is looking for a cover-up and is looking for trial and error in the nuclear field. Moreover, based on the revolutionary leader’s fatwa, the Islamic Republic of Iran considers itself legally bound to never build nuclear weapons, and this issue has no place in Iran’s defense strategy.

Rastineh said: European countries and the United States, at any time when the ability of constructive negotiation that can return Iran to its rights and resolve concerns that have arisen at the international level regarding our country’s nuclear activities, are trying to raise doubts. By putting pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran, firstly, to derail the negotiations from their constructive track, and secondly, to seek further concessions in the event of a resumption of negotiations.

He pointed out: Another point is that the Zionist regime, which is not accepted by the Islamic community by its nature and is referred to as a state terrorist, has many nuclear warheads, and is not subject to the supervision of the Agency, does not have the authority to comment on the nuclear activities of our country.

Referring to Grossi’s trip to Tehran, the member of the Islamic Revolution faction said: In addition, whenever the Director General of the Atomic Energy Agency visited Iran, one of his goals was to highlight a new ambiguity against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Therefore, the government of our country must enter into negotiations with Grossi under specific protocols. Because the record showed that immediately after leaving Iran, Grossi played on the soil of Western countries by raising suspicions about Iran’s nuclear activities in order to put Iran under international pressure.

And Rustaina stressed: In addition to that, Iran’s problem with the agency is that this international organization never takes its specialized and technical position, and that the reports of this organization were a source of double pressure on our country.

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