What is the real message of the “Age of Hope” event to the authorities?

On the sidelines of the second event of the Islamic Azad University, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Mousavi said in an interview with the correspondent of the regional group to Anna News Agency entitled “The Age of Hope”: “The Age of Hope” is a unique and free Islamic event. . The university is now 40 years old and has started a new transformation.

The audience said “Age of Hope” The message of the program is that most of them are young people, and as the second step of the Islamic Revolution says, young people are the inspiration of society, and young people can solve many problems within the country with dependence and effort. and scientific struggle.

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The President of Islamic Azad University of Kashmir, who attended Anna News Agency’s pavilion in the Omid era fair, said: “In the Omid era ceremony, the Islamic Azad University is present in many fields and in the presence of skilled assistants and staff. The university located in the secondary school provided the educational aspect of infrastructure.

Mousavi added, “On the other hand, the presence of technologies, technological centers, growth and many well-equipped laboratories in the Age of Hope gives state officials an assurance that they will rely on the capabilities created in Islamic Azad for the next forty years.” Solve problems and do not look outside Iran.

Referring to Kashmir’s strengths, he said, “There was a special airport in Kashmir.”

“What we have done in this university and we can issue certificates to postgraduate students,” said the president of the Islamic Azad University in Kashmir. They are offered to state students, that is, students learn these skills while studying, and this is a good basis for their employment.

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