Implementation of four specialized activities at the Fares Tourism Exhibition

Implementation of four special programs at the Fares Tourism Fair

The Deputy Director of Tourism at the General Administration of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts announced the approval of holding 4 special events as side programs for the 12th Pars International Tourism Fair.

Ibrahim Bakhtiari told reporters on Saturday, December 12: The 12th Pars International Tourism Fair will host special programs and events for Pars. And certainly the food, literary, artistic and nature tourism conference will be implemented.

according to him; Special conferences, seminars, educational workshops and special meetings of tourism trade unions are also held in this exhibition.

Bakhtiari said: Implementing such comprehensive programs will improve the quality of the exhibition and will be of great help to companies, institutions and those interested in this field.

The vice president of Fars Tourism Company, who considered the 12th Pars International Tourism Fair to be the second brand of tourism exhibition in the country, and considered the postponement of the exhibition an opportunity, said: Given the many problems that have occurred in recent months, this exhibition will definitely be held. It will be held in the month of December, and it does not have the glory and impact expected by the large tourism community, and it was not in glory, so we decided to change the date of the exhibition and be able to hold it with more effort. . This exhibition has better conditions in terms of quality and quantity.

According to informants, the 12th Pars International Tourism Fair will be held from January 30 to January 3 at Shiraz International Fairs located in the town of Golestan.

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