Esteghlal captain’s interview with Ferdosipur became controversial

National midfielder Rosbi Çeşme was in front of Adil Ferdosispor’s camera and talked to him about important sporting and non-sporting issues in his life. This appearance caused a lot of noise and some people claimed that Roozbeh was allowed to appear in this program because of Javad Nekounam’s good relationship with Ferdosipur, but the truth is clearly something else.

The face-to-face interview with Adil Ferdosipur was recorded long ago, and even some Esteghlal coaches think that these two people sat across from each other when Javad Nekounam was not confirmed in Esteghlal yet, so the case is unrelated. With the current coach of independence, the disciplinary rules are considered. He does not have that, but all players who have a contract with Esteghlal or who will sign a contract with this club in the coming days are obliged to apply a special rule issued by Javad Nekounam.

According to this law, Esteghlal players are not allowed to participate in any video interview without obtaining permission from the club’s management staff and obtaining permission from Javad Nekounam himself, and if they do such a thing, they will face serious action from the club’s technical director. the team. In this regard, we heard on Wednesday afternoon that Nekounam advised the Esteghlal players, given the sensitive circumstances that Esteghlal is going through, the words of each of them can cause a great uproar and lead to a negative reflection on the team, and based on this principle, Esteghlal players are allowed and do not have the right In sitting in front of TV presenters and interviews, and in the future they will have to get permission to do such work.


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