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According to an online reporter, the last week of the fifteenth Women’s Super League was held today, Friday, May 29, 1402, in Tehran’s Shahid Kapkanian Hall, and in Islamic Azad University, which has already won its championship, after a round of rest. Chador Melo 16 won by 6 points and stood on the first podium with 48 points.

With the victory of Babar Nariman Mazandaran and Dal Kermanshah, Mesihai Rafsanjan scored 39 points and won the runner-up title, Chadurmillo finished third with 36 points, and Nariman Academy came fourth with 30 points.

Results of the sixth (last) week for women:

The first round of the sixth week – the eighth round of the second leg

Islamic Azad University – rest
Mir Imad Sari Academy 14 _ Baharistan Karate Council 10
Shadurmello for Industry and Mining 28_ Mivan Travel Karate Board
Nariman Mazandaran Academy 7 _ Rafsanjan Copper Industry 21
Capital Stars 28 _ Dal Kermanshah, zero

The second round of the sixth week – the ninth round of the return stage

Mir Emad Sari Academy – rest
Chadurmillo industry and mining 6_ Islamic Azad University 19
Mazandaran Nariman Academy 25 _ Baharistan Karate Council 3
DC Stars 19 _ Marivan Karate Board 5
Dal Kermanshah Safar _ Rafsanjan Copper Industry 28

The schedule for these competitions is as follows:

1. The Islamic Azad University team, with 48 team points and 367 individual points
2. Sanat Miss Rafsanjan, with 39 team points and 312 individual points
3. Team Chadurmillo with 36 team points and 282 individual points
4. The Nariman Mazandaran Academy team, with 30 team points and 265 individual points
5. The Mir Imad Sari Academy team, with 27 team points and 263 individual points
6 .. Capital Stars team, with 15 team points and 181 individual points
7. Dal Kermanshah team, with 9 team points and 92 individual points
8. Bourdain Karate Board with 6 team points and 114 individual points
9. Marivan Karate Team with 6 team points and 95 individual points

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