This carnivorous soccer player is healthy!

This carnivorous soccer player is healthy!

Spanish forward Dani Olmo says he has returned to eating meat after multiple injuries.

According to Barna. In recent years, Olmo has become one of the most important players in the Spanish national team and opened his place in football in this country.

The player currently plays for Leipzig in the Bundesliga but hopes to return to Spanish football soon.

Speaking with Ivan Gabriel, he said: I always have a positive feeling. I am healthy and trying to continue this process. After several injuries in 2021, I’ve made some changes to my approach. For example, after 2 years, I started eating meat again.

The Spanish striker said about his future: I have a contract until 2024. I don’t think about it now and focus on the next matches. We are present in three competitions. I have advisors working in future conditions and that’s what I focus on. Just about football. I haven’t talked about my grandfather from Leipzig yet. He said: “Maybe I’ll talk to sporting director Max Eberl about this at the next camp. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the future.”

Referring to his desire to return to Spain, Olmo added: I would like to return to Spain one day. It will be very good. There is my and my role. My family and friends live in Spain. The most important thing for me is to play for a club that I love and that’s important. Just like here in Leipzig. When I was young, I played for Barcelona for six years. It has always been my home country and many of my friends from the national team play for this team.

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