Behind the veil of the words of the independence spokesman lies the hope of eliminating Persepolis

The key to the Persepolis championship is to excel in the derby

The veteran of the Persepolis team said: Talking about excluding Persepolis is not appropriate for the great Esteghlal club.

Morteza Kermani Moghaddam, in an interview with the correspondent of the Ana Science and Technology News Agency, said about the situation of Persepolis four weeks before the end of the Iranian Premier League: Persepolis was four points away from the top of the table, but it did not. Lose hope and with the wins in recent weeks, possession is in good shape and he can play in the derby with great motivation. Of course, Sepahan and Esteghlal are also in a good position, but the key to the Persepolis championship is winning the derby. If Persepolis wins this important game, which is very important in terms of statistics and table, then Persepolis has taken the main step towards the championship.

** I am saddened by the stepping down of Independence

In response to the Istiqlal Club’s spokesperson, Farshid Sami, he said that the problem of ownership of Persepolis has not been resolved and that the removal of Istiklal is meaningless now. Although I’m from Persepolis, I’m sad about Esteghlal’s sacking because it hurts Iranian football, and I’d be happy if there was a way to get Esteghlal’s professional license. I don’t like Iranian football to suffer at all, and participating in the AFC Champions League gives a good opportunity for the players of Esteghlal and other Iranian teams to show themselves in the continent and for the world to watch their matches so that they can. better future. They could become legionnaires and their elimination from the Champions League would hurt our football.

** Our football is declining day by day

The Persepolis veteran added: I think the ignorance of the people who bear responsibility leads to false statements. If the former Italian coach of the Esteghlal team had been given time, this team would not be in a situation where the possibility of elimination is much higher than the possibility of its participation. The reason this happens is because a lot of people are in a place where they don’t belong. Football flyers have been distributed to people who are political or associated with a position where they do not know how to carry out their duties. This is why our football is failing day by day. The statement made by the Istiqlal Club spokesperson was very wrong. We are all for one country and if Persepolis is excluded from the AFC Champions League like Esteghlal, it will be a loss for all of us.

** They are happy to exclude Persepolis

Kermani Muqaddam pointed out: If a spokesman for Istiqlal club says such things, he is not talking about himself, and after coordination with other club members, he talks about the ownership of Persepolis Club and the possibility of isolating this team. After all, there is little distance left until the derby and there are talks to take the focus away from Persepolis. Behind the scenes, there are a series of issues, which, from Esteghlal’s spokesperson’s words, show that they are happy to also eliminate Persepolis from the AFC Champions League. But they should know that the AFC is the decision-maker in the field of issuing professional licenses, and if Persepolis is also removed, it will harm Iranian football. In such cases, the situation becomes national due to the discussion of Iran’s international credibility. Such talks and actions are not befitting of the great Esteghlal Club, and such mischief happens from time to time. Of course, hoping to get rid of Persepolis from Asia is unprofessional.

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