The defeat of the coach of the national volleyball team against Pekan

According to the clear report, in the 21st week of the men’s volleyball super league, Peykan Tehran and Haraz Amol Deri played in the Volleyball Association Hall from 15:00, and in the end Peykan won by three to two.

Peyman Akbari students won the first set of this match with a score of 25-16. In the second set, it was the Albanian team that took the lead, but Pekan was able to equalize on 24 despite a 6-point difference. However, Hope’s team won 28-26.

At the beginning of the third set, Pekan Mohamed Falah scored three points in a row by serving for his team, so Behrouz Atay requested a time-out. In this set, Pikan did well on serve and won several points this way. In the end, he won 25-16.

The fourth set of this match lasted until 25:21 in favor of Behrouz Atay students in Amol and the action went into the fifth set. The last set of this match started with Pekan’s superiority and continued, and finally Peyman Akbari’s students won 15-8 until the team of the head coach of the national team became the loser in this match.

With this victory, Pekan achieved his 15th victory in the championship and Haraz Amal Diri still has 16 victories.

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