Speaking on the phone with the controversial Derby 101 referee

Ashkan Sahri was chosen as a Derby referee for the second time, but this happened to him when he failed the referee tests twice at the beginning of the season, and on the other hand, he did not have a single referee for Esteghlal or Persepolis. In the 22nd league this topic caused a lot of confusion.

This referee, who had a difficult night in the 101st Derby and was unable to continue the match in the 81st minute due to the contraction of the left biceps muscle, and gave Mehmet Hossein Zahefer the continuation of the referee, spoke about this match in an interview. With the correspondent “Varzesh Se”.

Ashkan Sahri said about the Esteghlal and Persepolis match in the FA Cup finals: Today we witnessed an interesting and amazing match from both teams, which had interesting scenes. The arbitration team also tried to be present in all the scenes and issue a judgment with some errors so as not to violate the rights of the team, and we tried to achieve this.

And he continued: I tried to get close to the scenes until the 80th minute, but during a long pass I collided with a 70-meter launch, and in the same scene I had a severe muscle spasm in my left leg, and regardless. How hard I tried to get back in the game, but it didn’t happen and Mr. Zahedifar continued with the game.

Referee Derby 101 said about the rumors of his retirement from refereeing after the injury in this match: It is not like that and I can still continue to referee due to age conditions. We’ll have to see what happens because of my injury and the referees’ opinion, but I don’t have a say in farewell.

And about the experience of arbitration in Derbin, Seheri said: Both Derbins had their own charm, but today’s match was very impressive because both teams played football and we watched wonderful and very attractive scenes from Esteghlal and Persepolis and many scenes that were created on the goals. It so happened that the spectators of both teams, and we the referees, enjoyed it.

Regarding the discussions about the selection of foreign referees and the impact of this issue on the derby refereeing team, he said: I myself have tried to minimize going to the media and cyberspace during this period so that I do not notice the statements of the heads of coaches and the players of the two teams, but in such attractive matches, the referees can The Iranians also have to rule and have this ability. Some clubs may have a hold because of the pressure they have, which is good, but I congratulate both teams for this game.


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