The Sapinto students’ victory over Zof Ahan and the Blues’ move closer to the top of the Premier League table became the subject of Portuguese media.

According to a clear report, Al-Istiklal football team managed to bypass the Zob Ahan Dam with one goal yesterday. Mohamed Qureshi’s mistake in the last seconds changed the outcome of this match in favor of the capital’s Blues, bringing them to a draw with Persepolis. But yesterday, the supremacy of independence was reflected in the Portuguese media. With Sapinto on the bench in this team, major Portuguese newspapers are following Blue’s results, and for this reason, the two major Portuguese publications, Abola and Ojugo, reported the matter.

The victory of independence and approaching the top of the ranking became the talk of the Portuguese media

Under the headline “Stiklal Sapinto won and reached Persepolis”, Ojugo newspaper wrote: The Portuguese coach’s students beat Zob Ahan 1-0. Istiklal led by Ricardo Sabinto beat Job Ahan 1-0 on Friday this week and reached Persepolis at the top of the Iranian league table. Qureshi’s own goal in the 90th minute dictated the victory of the Portuguese coach, who regretted two penalties for his team, marking another season of Al-Istiklal’s difficult relationship with the referees.

The victory of independence and approaching the top of the ranking became the talk of the Portuguese media

Abu Allah newspaper announced the return of the Iranian World Cup champion on the path to success, and chose the headline “The return of Independence Sabinto to the ways of victories and a tie with the leader” for what was stated in its news. Abula further wrote: Esteghlal, under the guidance of Portuguese coach Ricardo Sapinto, defeated Job Ahan with a score of 1-0 in the first round of the ninth round of the Iranian Premier League on Friday this week and came in first against Persepolis. . Positions for both teams are 18 points.

After a 1-1 draw at home to Foolad in the previous round, the team of Tehran, the capital of this Middle Eastern country, went on to win with a goal in the 90th minute. The only goal in this match was scored by Mohammad Qureshi during this difficult journey to Isfahan, the third largest city in Iran, 440 kilometers from the capital.

Source: Young Journalists Club

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