Moussaoui started the World Boxing Championships with a win

The representative of Iranian boxing weighing in at 75 kg started the World Championships in Tashkent with a win.

According to the informants, today, on the seventh day of the World Boxing Championships, Seyed Shahin Mousavi, after a round of rest, faced Sultan Osmanli from Turkey in his first fight, and won with a score of 5-0. He will have to fight against the winner of the match between Australia and Moldova on Tuesday, May 19th.

Prior to that, Amine Majnoun lost 86 kg, Mesham Qashlaqi weighed 80 kg, and Ali Habib Nejad weighed 67 kg in their first matches and withdrew from the championship round. Abdel-Maliki, the winner of the first round, lost in the second match and was eliminated.

Daniel Shahbakhsh in the 60kg category and Poria Amini, who won the first round in the 92kg category, must face their rivals on Monday. Shahbakhsh will fight Bulgaria’s Semyonov Rosnov and Amri will face Armenian Narak Manasyan.

These people are led by Humayun Amiri and Mahmoud Al-Nahtani as trainers.

The twenty-second edition of the 2023 World Championships, with the participation of 539 boxers from 107 countries in 13 weights, will start on Monday, May 11, and will be hosted by Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and will last for 14 days.

The IBA has also considered prize dollars for these competitions, which will be awarded to first place, $200,000, second place, $100,000, and third place, $50,000.

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