The uneven crossing at the entrance to the city of Bushehr is scheduled to be completed at the end of this year – Online news agency Iran and world news

According to an online reporter, Mehdi Mehrangiz offered condolences on the martyrdom of Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (pbuh) on Sunday evening in a joint meeting with the City Council, PBO, Bushehr Municipality and the owners and contractors of the Bushehr Junction Project. The purpose of this meeting is to follow up what he announced regarding the preservation of public rights in the province, and he said: The primary duty of the judicial system of Bushehr province is to restore and protect public rights in the province.

And the chief judge of Bushehr province added: The importance of this issue is due to the orders of the Supreme Leader in the meeting with the country’s judicial authorities in July 1401, which referred to the protection of public rights, “The judiciary must be diligent in this field.” Support public rights and take them seriously. The tracking is slow.

He added, “In order to protect public rights, every case and problem in Bushehr province and its affiliated cities is filed by the Attorney General, the governor, and members of the Provincial Capital Prosecution, by following any act or omission in the law.” . They take problems seriously.

Connected arousing And he said: At this meeting, the issue of the reasons for the delay in the implementation of the Sardar Shahid Soleimani intersection project was put on the agenda, and after listening to the issues and problems of implementing this project, it was agreed to exist. There will be no delay in the implementation of this project, and in case of failure, the Bushehr Prosecution Office will take the necessary measures.

At this meeting, it was decided that the municipality, the owner and the contractor will have this project completed and operational by March this year.

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