Football 360 is the most important program in the history of Internet TV

Adil Ferdosipur, the most popular TV host, has a lot to say with the new 360 Football programme. Download the app now and enjoy.

Adil Ferdosipur is one of those who know footballers and footballers and praise him for his professionalism. Football sports reporter and producer who gained fame with the popular TV show Ninety and Hot Mondays. Adel has gone through many ups and downs in these years. But perhaps the biggest challenge for him and his fans is the separation from radio and television and the end of Nod. During this time we heard from Adel from all angles. But seeing a special program from Mr. Reporter has another benefit. Now, after a long wait, Adel is back with Football 360 to present another program centered around the green rectangle in the web space.

Football 360 is available for all mobile users. All you have to do is to download Football 360, Adel Ferdosipur, and enjoy the features and capabilities of the Football 360 application on your phone without restrictions. It should be noted that the exclusivity that was present in the Android stores and the Android version of this app initially lasted less than a few weeks and now this internet TV show, Football 360, is available to everyone.

football 360 What is the?

Football 360 is a football website and app that brings together everything you want from the world of the green rectangle inside and outside the country. Adel and his programming team assure that this content is free and accessible to the public for free on all platforms. Viewable and readable content, along with exclusive Adel interviews, are the trumps of Football 360. Meanwhile, similar to the programs we know from Ferdowsipur, several polls are conducted at the same time, and football fans can compare their opinion with a large statistical community relatively.

Football theme and guests 360

As we said earlier, the winning ticket for Football 360 and Adel Ferdosipour in their new show is video content. In videos made in the same format as the interviews of the 1990s, Adel sits opposite Ali Daei, Mehdi Tarimi, Dragan Skocic and other notable figures of these footballing days and as always surprising the audience and his speaker. his frankness.

Mehdi Tarimi and Adel Ferdowsipor in Football 360

The topics of discussions remain challenging and, of course, with the changes we have seen in our country’s football ecosystem, are more emotional than ever. It can even be said that the approach of the Fair Football 360 guests is more than 90 days away and is being followed more closely than ever.

The difference between football 360 Ninety Program

The biggest difference between 360 football and 90 lies in the format of the internet programs and their differences with Adel’s days on television and radio. From filming locations to the topic of conversation, everyone is getting more anxious, and now Adel is looking for more factors to engage the audience in the program and even watch a replay of 360 football videos. There are many interesting points in the interviews and Adel tries to create a different atmosphere for his guests and audience by maintaining the boundaries of challenge and familiarity.

Watch Adel Ferdowsipur’s program

In addition to the official website of Football 360, the applications of this Internet program are also available on Android and iOS. All the mentioned platforms provide 360 ​​football content to the public without any restrictions and of course it is possible to log into the user account in all of them. Football 360 for Android can be downloaded from the Myket Store. In addition to downloading the app at half price from, you can also register your comments about Football 360 in the comments section of this app on Myket.


Now that our reporter Majboob and his fans like Football 360 are back and republishing his interviews, we have to wait and see how successful this new medium for Adil Ferdowsipur will be in the long run. If you have watched 360 football, write your comments about Adel’s recent appearance in the media world. Do you think the success of Nod will be repeated with 360 Football and this program will become the first football-oriented program in our country? Or that Adel and his colleagues are taking a different path. Time will tell us everything.

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