Independence has become a game of two organizations! / Beiranvand took less than $90 billion from Persepolis?

Aftab news:

Rosby Çeşme, captain of the Esteghlal football team, said on the sidelines of the team’s training today (Thursday): Do other clubs get players with 12 billion or 15 billion contracts and do people believe them? Are Sepahan, Persepolis and Tractor really with these numbers? Esteghlal’s transfers are obviously not good, because with the numbers other clubs are offering, which team would come here? Rules are just for independence? It is clear that when he sees problems, they do not come. The player meets with Esteghlal, gets a number, and goes to see other clubs who give him a double.

He continued: There are rules for our club only, and no other club has this rule. Around the player who was supposed to come to our club, all plans and all people, related to football or not, interfered. The masses have the right to protest. Can the CEO and Vice President of the club resign in this case? We talked about this many times. Every time new things happen to independence. If you have a problem with independence, ask them to disband the team and bring in another team. The players who are training now are here for the club itself, the fans and Nekounam. The players who have been here since last year have earned a maximum of 55% of the money, and no club but us can say that. These players came because of the fans and Nekounam. What do we say to whom now? Where should we look for our money? Where can we track conversions?

Al-Shasmi added: Tractors and soldiers in the camp. Persepolis also renewed with its players and got new players. We are the only ones with such conditions. There is a problem between the Ministry of Sports and privatization that affects only the masses. If the new manager comes from the ministry, the privatization organization will fight with him, and if he comes from the privatization side, the ministry will fight with him. We have become the play of these two organizations. We do our best, but if there is no management, what good is it? We now have 7 or 8 senior players. Did the rest of the teams start training like this? When you don’t get a player, you don’t solve the club’s problem, and you don’t solve the player’s problem, what do you want from the team? Now there is no responsibility at all. At that time, we had 1,000 problems.

He said of Beranvand’s huge offer: I don’t care how much Mr. Beranvand gets. They said he wants to come to Istiklal with amounts like 90 billion or 100 billion. Did Persepolis pay less now? How can our club pay 90 billion, because many people who do not watch football year after year said that the club is making a mistake and should not pay 90 billion. Did Beiranvand go to Persepolis for less than this? Why does no one enter it? Mr. Beiranvand committed suicide no matter what, but why are there no rules for other clubs? They made the offer, but it was not clear if they would pay the money. We have closed the contract now, but we have not received any money.

The Independence Captain said: Since the privatization organization spoke with the then-CEO of the Independence Company in that program, our team incurred a great loss. They have never joined other clubs, but do not doubt that other clubs have more debts and problems than us, but they do not enter into their problems, because their problem is with independence. We have become the meat of the sacrifice and the toys of others. If the Ministry of Economy and Finance appoints a director now, the Ministry of Sports has a problem, and vice versa. These players and fans should not be played with.

In the end Çeşme said: Nekounam knew the problems, but not to this extent. There are many problems. Nekounam said from the beginning that there are many problems and we must not back down. Our main request is that within this day or two a person will be positioned so that these events will not be repeated in 3 months. We won’t see our CEO change in two months with these terms. You hire a manager for 2 or 3 years, see what happens with that autonomy and what results you get.

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