Al-Sajadi: Wrestling is progressing / Raisi confirms support for football

The Minister of Sports and Youth praised the performance of the President of the Wrestling Federation.

Informers reported that Minister of Sports and Youth Hamid Sajadi made his statements at the opening ceremony of the second phase of the reconstruction of the second phase of the martyr Ibrahim Hadi’s house wrestling in the National Wrestling Army. Ship Syndicates. By the way, Mr. Dabur made a request to Haji Agha Khair and said that he was one of the most regular members of the delegation. Sometimes our philosophy of existence is marked by a culture of gratitude. Part of our job is to make loved ones feel that they are not alone. Their presence is worthless. the doctor. The presence of the Minister of Energy with technical staff who are well connected in their formal, honest and constructive attire is fruitful. We come because we love ourselves first. Second, this is our duty and third, we want to be the heart of our loved ones.

“We also have a supervisory component,” he said. Information about what is happening in sports should be made available immediately. Haji Agha suggested that we deal with sports, especially wrestling, both physically and mentally. The esteemed union president is very pleased. We practice, look and understand. The ship is moving forward. One of the dimensions of medal preparation and medal continuity. Raising the ship, keeping it alive and refurbishing it is the most important task on board, and there is a lot of work done by Dr. Dapier.

The Minister of Sports and Youth continued: I know that Dr. Dabur is a friend and a brother. When I wanted to quit sports, Doctor. The secretary shone and won the Olympic gold in Sydney. The Olympics I missed flying. She set the record for admission to the Sydney Olympics. I removed the list from the letter, but the secretary was sent in, and Mr. Dabber was among the three gold medalists. In those competitions, Dabir, Razadeh and Tavakoli won three gold medals. We have a lot in common and we have comrades and memories from south Tehran and we are still partners. But I am in the ministry as a servant of sports and youth, but, God willing, I am not far from the head of the unions. We were already with Ali Moradi on the first day of powerlifting camp, and I would like the athletes to know me as a friend and brother, which is the goal of the revolutionary and popular government of Mr. Raisi. There are other projects promised by the Minister.

Regarding the athletes’ meeting with the President of the Republic last night, he said: “During the blessed month of Ramadan, the President is interested in holding Iftar meetings with various associations and groups, and he made valuable notes that included several main points: Muftah.” “His statement relates to the spread of sport and has instructed us to consider sporting justice and the pursuit of central justice.” In the case of the sport, the four-point plan was emphasized and I was asked to follow it further. Approximately. The point is, your colleagues and veterans shouldn’t be asked questions in the next session. Objectively, these needs are met.

Regarding the budgets of the federations, the Minister of Sports and Youth said: “We will hold a meeting and we will talk about it. We are the first wrestling federation and Mr. Dabir.”

On the FIFA’s help, he said: “Mr. Reiss stressed that the national team should support the Football Association with all its might so that it can play good matches and people can enjoy it.”

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