League 22, no bargaining at the disposal of Skocic

According to the transparent report, Sohail Mahdi, head of the competition committee of the Football League organization, said on the sidelines of the training workshop for executive assistants and managers for the English Premier League and League One teams: You know that we must have. Summary of each chapter and new provisions relating to doping control. Let’s talk about judgment and competition so we can get the opinions of our loved ones. God willing, in this way we can improve the quality of the competitions.

Regarding FIFA’s message regarding the presence of women in stadiums, he said: We are at the end of this process. It seems the message has arrived. First, it must decide higher authorities such as the Ministry of Sports. I don’t have absolute authority over the wording of the message, but if the process described in the message is to be done, we implement it and I think we can do it right.

In response to a question about the concerns of clubs and league organizations in this meeting, the head of the competition committee in the league organization said: Most of the challenges are caused by the clubs and our expectations from the clubs. From us and if we can lower those expectations, the challenges will be reduced. In general, if the booking and arbitration instructions are implemented, we will reach this goal.

Al-Mahdi explained the state of the stadiums on the eve of the start of the English Premier League: Let’s start from Tehran. Saipa, Pikan and Hawadar are the three teams in the Tehran Premier League and First League. In Tehran, we only have Azadi Stadium and Bas Qammin Stadium, which are central. Everything is ready except for the grass of Al-Shaheed Stadium, Watani. I don’t know when it will be ready. Any delay in its preparation is the responsibility of the contractor.

He continued: Parts of the VIPs and other parts of the Abadan stadium, which could host after the reconstruction, were destroyed. Karman, Anjali and Imam Khomeini Stadium (RA) are trying hard to advance to the Arak Premier League.

“We are moving horizontally,” the head of the Football League’s competitions committee said of the broadcasting rights debate. There is no specific work structure for clubs. This work is a platform set by respected legislators and a professional Islamic Sports Council. The guardian can be the Ministry of Sports. We also have a quick fix that brings clubs to financial independence. The main reason why Istiklal and Persepolis were unable to obtain a professional license is financial problems. Financial and administrative discipline makes our clubs financially independent, and if we reach that goal, we can increase audits and fines. What do we do when they do not enjoy this freedom? He was right.

In response to a question about whether the plans of the national team were included in the plans of the English Premier League, Mehdi said: We received Mr. Skocic’s request early and this was taken into account in the plans. 100% of the time he wants is given to him without compromise. Our plan is based on the national team’s plan, and our goal is for the national team to go to the World Cup without any worries. If there are no force majeure conditions such as dust, air pollution, etc., we can hold half a season before the World Cup.

He explained the timing of the Super Cup, saying: The Super Cup will be held after the first half of the season and after the World Cup. Before that time, we don’t have time to win the Super Cup.

The head of the competition committee in the league recently said about the three matches that were not played in the last week of the twenty-first league. .

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