Investigation of the structural reforms and administrative problems of the telecom company in the Article 90 . Committee

A spokesman for the Article 90 Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly announced the presence of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology and the CEO of the telecommunications company to review structural reforms in management issues and technical and administrative needs in the various fields of the telecommunications company. and its experts, directors and deputies.

According to the informants, Ali Khazarian said at the meeting of the Article 90 committee today: “Because of some issues within the scope of the telecom company’s work, complaints received by the authority and many cases of representatives, including tariffs, and some cases of this connection. The company is not satisfied with the retirees.”

He said, “There is no separation between the management and the private role of the telecommunications company, as 51% of the shares have been transferred since 1988, and the company’s profitability has declined compared to the beginning of the transfer period and some of the issues related to dealing with retirees.” The company was proposed at today’s meeting.

The representative of the people of Tehran, Ray, Samiranat, Islamshahr and Pardis in Parliament continued: The necessity and tariffs to improve the presence and management of parallel companies in the field of communications is one of the axes raised in today’s meeting, which must be adjusted accordingly. . However, the authority’s focus is on balancing the quality of services and increasing service prices.

At the meeting, the Minister of Communications stressed the need to manage communications as a national wealth and a major source for the country in good conditions. In the new era, the Ministry of Communications paid special attention to this company, and in view of its administrative role in this company, it sought to improve the previous arrangements and improve service conditions.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology presented a report on the latest status of the national information network, expressing his hope that the public service unit window would become one of the main pillars. The network explained: “National information will be activated as soon as possible by linking all devices to this window, so that people can benefit from the electronic services of all devices after authentication.” Optical fiber network, home and business development, distribution of network traffic in all countries, network re-engineering, and reducing dependence on internal servers on external servers are other priorities, especially in emergency and crisis situations. The minister explained.

And he said: In the end, it was decided to submit a written report on the current and future performance and the needs of the telecommunications company to the authority, and the telecommunications contract will be held.

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