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Using updated production lines and experienced office staff, Fika Plastic Wood has designed and implemented numerous projects throughout Iran and other neighboring countries such as: Iraq, UAE, Oman and Qatar. Currently, this group has the ability to provide various services throughout Iran by producing various types of wood-plastic profiles (FIKA products) and also having experienced sales, design and implementation teams.

Types of roof gardens Roof garden photos

Some of the reasons to use fika plastic wood outdoors!

Plastic wood It is a functional product produced and marketed from high quality raw materials; One of the main features of this material is its high appearance resemblance to natural wood. With the difference that they are of very high quality and durability.

Wood plastic, as its name suggests, is made of vegetable cellulose (wood powder, bagasse, etc.), PE, PP or PVC polymer and additives such as: color, stabilizer, antialgae, fire retardant, antibacterial, etc. For this reason, it can be said that this product has high strength and resistance compared to natural wood, and this makes plastic wood a suitable alternative to natural wood.

In addition, it has other advantages such as: no need for maintenance and repair, long life and durability, moisture and UV resistance, which makes this product superior to wood. Also, being a multi-purpose product, the price of plastic wood is very affordable compared to other materials.

Fika Company started its activity as the first manufacturer of wood-plastic composite profiles in Iran in 2002. Selling wood plastic And The price of plastic wood The main activity of this company is With more than 18 years of illustrious history, this company has been able to capture a large share of the domestic market for this product.

Plastic fika wood services

  • The services and activities of the Fika Group are as follows:
  • Design and implementation of roof garden or green roof
  • Production, design and implementation of PVC wood floors
  • Production and implementation of plastic wood fence in various models and designs
  • Design and implementation of a suspended or grille ceiling skylight (at different levels)
  • Design and implementation of wooden facades (at the level of different departments)
  • Design and production of outdoor furniture and structures
  • Building gabion and grid elements

Types of roof gardens Roof garden photos

Vika Roof Garden

One of the main services that Fika can provide is the design of 0 to 100 rooftop gardens all over Iran. The green roof has many fans these days and this has led to its design and implementation being welcomed by countless people. Currently, Fika is one of the leading companies in the design and implementation of green roofs.roof garden) that will carry out all the elements in the project using wooden and plastic profiles.

Plastic fiqa wood is produced and supplied according to international standards. This product is for external use and has a long life. For this reason, it is considered one of the main materials in the design and implementation of the roof garden. This multi-purpose product allows the construction of various items such as gazebos, pergolas, flower boxes, fire pits, benches, etc.

Types of roof gardens Roof garden photos

The best Wood flooring option for outdoor space!

The best choice Wooden floor In the outdoor space, to make your home look elegant from the outside, it is a wood-plastic profile. Choosing the right flooring for your yard, front entry, pool area, and patio decor is an important and often overlooked matter.

In fact, most of the people do not know much about the features that the option they choose should have. This makes it difficult for you to make an informed decision about the best outdoor flooring. There are many options for this. In this section, we will talk about laminate flooring with a wood-plastic profile.

Plastic wood sections and wooden floors for outdoor spaces

Completely diverse in appearance, tile and wood composite floors can give the floor of environments such as: patio, porch, patio, or any other open space a pleasing look or a sleek, refined, and modern look. As we know, wood never goes out of fashion, so using this product is a combination of options that will be modern due to its similar appearance to natural wood.

Laminate tiles are a modern and cheap version of laminate flooring. These tiles are relatively lightweight and install in the shortest possible time! So, using modern technology, without the challenges of traditional wood, you can have a beautiful and strong wood with features that make it unique for an open space.

Advantages of using wood-plastic composite floors

Maintenance: Mind you, we all know natural wood is subject to things like: expansion, shrinkage, termites, wood rot, reshaping, refinishing, the list goes on! But with the use of wood plastic composite, the things mentioned are not necessary. Other features of this product include:

Suitable for outdoor spaces: This product is designed for outdoor spaces and it is possible to use PVC wood flooring in large areas. In addition, not every outdoor flooring option will be used on a porch with a small footprint or look good. If tile floors are the best choice for terrace or balcony, patio and environments with smaller dimensions.

INSTALLATION: Wood Plast Tile Flooring snaps together in an instant. What may take a few days to install composite flooring is a large-scale project that can be completed in the shortest time if you have a professional installation team.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Wood-plastic composite is a recyclable product made from recycled wood-plastic fibers. Now, you can enjoy the green space of the yard with a floor made of “natural materials, recyclable and nature-friendly”.

About FICA

Plast Fika wood profiles are produced using high quality raw materials with continuous quality control, and the quality of the products is fully in line with international standards. If FICA profiles are installed with any type of user, simultaneously and according to the instructions given by our FICA sales experts and executives, we offer 3 years replacement and repair warranty to our dear customers.

The versatility and beautiful appearance of plastic fika wood profiles have made these products a suitable substitute for common wooden elements in outdoor architecture, such as: wooden flooring, wooden fence, wooden suspended ceiling, wooden furniture, wooden structure, etc. Moreover, the aforementioned products are better than wood products in terms of durability and life span, and they will not need to be repaired or painted periodically. Compared with similar products and other materials, PVC wood profiles are economically affordable and known as an environmentally friendly product.

Connect with FICA

Dear customers, you can benefit from all group services by contacting our colleagues, such as: free project visit, free 2D design, free FICA profile samples and also sales expert consultation. All our effort in Fika Group is to bring this product to the market as best as possible and to satisfy our dear customers. In addition, the possibility of viewing the projects carried out by FICA has been provided to you through the FICA website online and offline in order to get to know the work process as much as possible.

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