Preliminary results of the call for interview for the 1402 PhD examination at Azad University have been announced

Aftab news:

Candidates can refer to the system and enter the field selection access code (7-digit number under the NEAO registry) and national code to be notified of the outcome of their field selection.

Applicants who have obtained the required academic score for the interview in at least one discipline code from the place of the class, if they want to register to participate in the interview, it is necessary from 2/25/1402 to 3/31/1402 through referral to apply to the report card to complete General Qualification Examination Form for Specialist Doctoral Examination Candidates 1402. Obviously, if the relevant form is not completed, it will be removed from the final selection.

Candidates who, in addition to Islamic Azad University, have obtained the required academic quota for the interview at other universities and completed the General Qualification Form, will not need to complete this form again.

The date and method of registering candidates to participate in the interview for this session will also be announced in the first week of June.

According to the announcement of the Evaluation, Admission and Graduation Center of the Islamic Azad University, the preliminary results of the Specialized Doctoral Examination for Distinguished Talents will be announced later.

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