The reason for the increase in the number of drug addicts in Tehran / the release of 9,000 people

The head of the Tehran Grand Anti-Drug Police announced an increase in the number of drug addicts in Tehran, the presence of information centers and free medical services, and the distribution of free food among MMTs or shelters, shelters and addicts. He announced this increase in population. .

Colonel Abd al-Wahhab Hasanvand in an interview with an informant reporter: Regarding the role of the police in the jihadist camp in combating addiction and social harm, he said: “This camp was established and has various elements, including the police force, to deal with social harm and the sale and purchase of drugs in the area.” General Directorate.” The Governor of Tehran. The municipality entered the area according to its duties and responsibilities, and the police force has working groups in this regard.

He added, “Police procedures to collect, organize and deliver drug addicts to examination centers are increasing.”

Hassan Vand stressed the role of education and preventive issues and said, “For this purpose, the police will hold meetings and working groups in education and universities and take measures to educate and inform individuals, families, schools and the community.”

The head of the Anti-Narcotics Police of Greater Tehran, especially in the Harandi district, said of the organization of drug addicts in Tehran: “More than 1,100 days ago, necessary measures were taken to deal with the police, smugglers and retailers in the area.”

An increase of 1,000 drug addicts in the capital

And about his ability to deal with addicts, he said: “We have 12 thousand people in this field, which is equivalent to 12 thousand last year.” But our forecast is over 20,000 people. In fact, 8,000 people were released compared to last year. Of course, according to our estimates, about 1,000 people were added to this group during this period, and about 9,000 drug addicts have now been released.

Factors increasing the number of drug addicts in Tehran

“In our opinion, there are many centers to attract addicts in areas such as Shusha and Harandi,” Hasanvand said about the increase in 1,000 addicts in Tehran. It also causes the presence of addicts from cities and regions. The presence of Dubai Internet City and free medical services, methadone or methadone maintenance treatment, shelter, accommodation and free food delivery for addicts who make good people in Choucha and Harandi neighborhoods. We believe that these cases caused addicts to migrate to Tehran from other provinces.

The head of the Anti-Narcotics Police of Greater Tehran, in a statement that we currently have about 9,000 addicts released in Tehran and some of them are denied entry, said: “We need about 4,500 people and the rest are denied entry.” They are still deserted. Every time we collect it, part of the screening and part of people over 65 and older leave open sores that need to be considered.

And about the current ability to treat addicts and people with open wounds and infectious diseases, he said: “400 open wounds and infectious addictions have been created and 400 women have been created, and this is not enough.”

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