Conducting the “earthquake maneuver” in state schools

National earthquake drills were conducted simultaneously in schools across the country minutes before and after the earthquake alert went off.

According to the informants, In the symbolic maneuver of Shahid Kod Khodai High School in Tehran, in the presence of officials from the Ministry of Education, the Crisis Management Organization and the Red Crescent Society, students implement safety guidelines and regulations during an earthquake.

According to the informants, on the sidelines of the 24th National Earthquake and Safety Exercises titled “Safe School, Resilient Society,” Asghar Bagherzadeh, Deputy Minister of Education and Culture of the Ministry of Education, explained this need. He said preventive exercises during natural disasters due to earthquakes: If we limit the training to the eighth of December, we will not achieve the desired goals, and these exercises must continue.

He said: We must involve all schools in the proper implementation of operational maneuvers against earthquakes. Families can be invited to participate in such programs by attending schools on specific days and undergoing a series of trainings.

Bagherzadeh added: Prevention of natural disasters is our concern. In addition to social damage, appropriate content is prepared and made available in this field and should be followed more seriously.

Yaqoub Soleimani, Secretary General of the Red Crescent Society in the country, said on the sidelines of the ceremony: The Red Crescent is a popular society, with the people and with the people. As our country is prone to accidents, the 8th of Al-Azhar, which is called School Safety Day, emphasizes the need to pay more attention to student education.

And he continued: The Red Crescent Youth Organization aims to provide education in the field of safety through the implementation of the National Dardas Program, and if we want to have a flexible society and a safe school and to promote this importance in all societies, we must pay more attention. For the problem of education, we must have a guardian in every home, and the most suitable platform for achieving this goal is the school.

Soleimani added: We have a student center in the Red Crescent along with other student organizations in the school, and recently we realized that through education and excellence in achieving the desired goals with the necessary foundations, we will witness an increase in capabilities.

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