Block about 500 virtual pages related to thugs and arms sales

The boy Farazah, the commander of the police force, announced the blocking of more than 260 websites for selling weapons and ammunition, and 241 websites related to thugs.

According to informants, Sardar Wahid Majid He said at the twelfth meeting of tribal police chiefs across the country in the presence of journalists on the sidelines of the ceremony: In this meeting, the means of communication between the tribal police and the people were examined.

He stated that people should communicate with the police in two ways: the tribal areas police call center and online chat, and he said: There are solutions for easy communication.

And the chief of the traffic police, Fata Faraza, continued: We have another case, which is the blocking of accounts about which a complaint was filed. By filing a fraud case with the FATA Police, the police will ban the requested account and after submitting the necessary documents, the account will be unblocked. The unblocking process took a while and took a long time, and some people had problems with this. Accordingly, reducing time is one of the other topics raised in this conference.

He later said about the violations of the sites for buying and selling used things and their accessories: We informed the managers of these sites that we had no complaints against anyone, and several meetings were held with them. The banking transactions of these sites are high and these sites must monitor the authentication of their users.

Sardar Majid said the Federal Tribal Area Police is dealing with issues such as online fraud, defamation and online harassment. Police officers also monitor crimes related to public safety, including the sale of weapons and ammunition in cyberspace.

Police chief Fatah Faraza said of the measures taken to secure cyberspace with regard to weapons, ammunition, thieves and thieves: More than 241 pages of mobs have been identified, blocked and cleaned up.

He explained about the major crimes that the FPS officers are involved in: Internet withdrawal and unauthorized fraud are among the major crimes that the FPS officers deal with.

Sardar Majeed stated that after the implementation of the second law of dynamics, the hands of criminals in this field were closed, and he said: In the past year, we witnessed crimes in the country in the field of operators. . These crimes happen by sending infected links to people via SMS, and if they open them, their cell phones are infected. In fact, the management of people’s phones fell into the hands of hackers, in this way they send messages to the victim’s mobile audience and commit criminal acts. We have carried out many investigations in this field and held meetings with the Ministry of Communications and one of the mobile operators in this field and we hope to reach a conclusion in this field.

In the end, the head of the country’s electronic police said: in fact, the management of the mobile phone of these people is given to the intruder, through which he can send text messages to the victim’s contacts and pursue his criminal goals. Managers, we’ve had many meetings and hopefully this case will be resolved.

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