Meteorology April 29, 1402 / rain and thunder in some provinces

Aftab news:

In an interview with reporters, Sadiq Zia said about the weather conditions in the country these days: From Tuesday (April 29) to Friday (May 1) in northern Hormuzgan, eastern Persia, and the southern half of the provinces of Kerman, Sistan and Baluchestan, there are. There will be cloud growth, showers and thunderstorms. Temporarily strong winds are expected in places subject to high dust.

He added: There will be scattered showers on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 29 and 30) and sometimes thunder and winds in the central Alborz heights. From Friday, a new rain system will enter the country, and during Friday and Saturday (May 1 and 2), it will cause rain, thunderstorms and temporary strong winds in the provinces located in the northwest and west.

And the head of the National Center for Forecasting and Crisis Management of Weather Risks continued: On Tuesday and Wednesday, in some parts of the east of the country, especially in the Zabul region, an increase in wind speed will lead to higher dust, which will reduce the wind speed. Visibility and air quality.

He also explained about the temperature conditions in the country: A significant rise in temperatures is expected in the coastal provinces of Qazvin and Ardabil from Tuesday to Friday.

Diaa said: Tuesday and Wednesday, the central and eastern regions of the Arabian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz and the Sea of ​​Oman will be rugged.

The head of the National Center for Forecasting and Crisis Management for Weather Risks also spoke about the weather in Tehran in the next two days: The sky in Tehran tomorrow (April 30) will be partly cloudy with winds with a temperature of not less than 13 and a maximum temperature of 24 degrees Celsius, and on Thursday (31 April) Partly cloudy to partly cloudy and sometimes windy with a minimum temperature of 14 and a maximum temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

In conclusion, Zia said: During today and tomorrow (April 29 and 30), Ahvaz is the warmest center of the province with a maximum temperature of 36 degrees Celsius, Ardabil with a temperature of not less than 1 degree Celsius today and Shahrekord with a temperature of not less than 1 degree Celsius. A minimum temperature of 2°C is the coldest in the provinces.

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