List the irreparable effects of smuggled and counterfeit cosmetics / Supply of 40 counterfeit tobacco brands

Detectives / Golestan The representative of the Commodities and Monetary Authority said: Many diseases are caused by smuggling and counterfeit cosmetics.

On Tuesday, July 8, Abdullah Hendani said at the press conference of the production and trade contract in Bandargas Industrial City: Providing the ground to reduce confrontation, and for this he always preferred prevention over treatment.

“If we do not facilitate the infrastructure of our anti-smuggling system and facilitate the legal process of trade, we will always face many problems,” he said. Parliament.” The Supreme Leader emphasized a lot in the field of smuggling of goods from the beginning to the level of supply, and the implementation of His Majesty’s orders is on our agenda.

The Undersecretary for Smuggling and Currency Smuggling Affairs said: The comprehensive trading system was established and all the country’s systems were linked to this system.

He said: There is a fundamental difference between counterfeiting and smuggling. It is not clear, despite the fact that the original brand is a contraband that enters the country illegally and has the necessary standards for its transportation. And in the third case, the delivered product is a fake or has been misused by another brand.

The name and the brand are not evidence of the authenticity of the clothes / Iran is the seventh consumer of cosmetics in the world

He emphasized: Today, it is difficult for consumers to find car mats and it is not clear whether this product presented in different brands is original or a fake. Although we do not consider tobacco to be a good and useful substance, it must be made clear to the general public that it does not harm their health, but is a private and safe channel for consumers.

The Vice President of Apparel Production said: Today there are clothes of different brands and the name and logo do not indicate the authenticity of the clothes, but consumers rely on the brand presented and we have guidance in the field of clothing as well. With the Headquarters for Combating Smuggling of Goods and Currency, we have put cyberspace on our agenda so that everything that is advertised in cyberspace is not allowed.

Referring to the field of cosmetics, Hendani said: Iran ranks seventh in the world in cosmetics consumption and second in the Middle East, and the demand for cosmetics in our country is high and this is certainly the case. Lack of use in the market, many skin problems and disorders are caused by the use of counterfeit cosmetics or smuggling, so in the field of health products, we have seen that people should validate the correctness of purchasing cosmetics by sending the required code. your mobile phone

Noting that smuggling and counterfeit cosmetics unfortunately cause many diseases, he said: In some of our reports, the use of counterfeit or smuggled cosmetics has caused consumers to lose sight of them.

The Vice President of Combating Smuggling of Goods and Currency said: We do not intend to attack the associations in any way, but as a producer, if the product threatens people’s health, its supply should be avoided. Employees: Not all goods are smuggled and most of them are subject to fraud unless people buy counterfeit and smuggled goods, which will not benefit violators in this field.

The Indians indicated that we would seek to improve border control and supervision in coordination with Colbran: the guarantee system. It is active for 10 major home appliances and people can check product authentication using their mobile phone and after purchase no one can activate their warranty and there is no need for warranty online.

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