What are the most popular drilling brands on the market?

Get to know the best drilling brands

A drill is one of the practical and important tools that we all need to drill different types of hard or soft objects. The drill itself contains various components, one of the most important components of which is the drill, which, if it breaks or breaks, you can not drill the required device. This article is comprehensive information about the best brands of drill bits available in the Iranian market, which can help you buy all kinds of drill bits and also buy drill bits.

Summary of the exercises

Cordless or wired electric drills provide power to the drill to turn it, but it is the drill that actually does the main work of drilling the body. Whether it’s going through a concrete wall, metal, or even going through glass.

There are some stores that sell specialty drills individually, but you can buy different types of drills in sets or sets that come in different sizes and are designed for different purposes to help you with a variety of projects.

When choosing your desired drill, be sure to consider your project, what type of drill will work for you and find a set that includes different types of suitable bits.

Note that when choosing a drill bit set, you need to know the size of the drill chuck. It is the clamp on the front of the drill that secures the drill.

Erwin, America, De Walt, Vanadium, Bosch, Van Hus, Makita are among the different drill brands on the market, which we will discuss below.

1- Irwin drill

The IRWIN drill gets the best overall result among other brands due to the excellent material quality, completeness of its bit set and versatility.Most people, both experienced and novice, can use this type of drill on projects. Use yourself well.

The IRWIN drill set contains 29 extremely strong cobalt steel drill bits that can easily pass through hard metals such as cast iron.

This set includes 29 bits ranging from 1/16″ bits to 1/64″ bits. Bits larger than 3/8″ in this set have a narrower shank so they can be used in a drill with a standard 3/8″ chuck without the need to a converter. Its packaging is designed so that even those who work with a drill for the first time can find the required drill number for different objects. The rigidity of the package and the fact that each drill bit is stuck inside the set also prevents it from falling out during transportation.

Irwin drill specification:

  • Material: cobalt
  • Quantity: 29 pieces
  • Usage: drilling metal and other materials
  • expensive price

2- Venus DSH . brand

Venus DSH (VENUSDSH) is another well known brand in the market in drilling types. The products of this brand include cobalt drills, dry drills, diamond drills, types of four-hole drills, five-slot drills, all types of demolition pens. The Venus brand guarantees the high quality of its production maneuvers and their quality is guaranteed. The purchase price of hand drills of this brand is reasonable compared to other brands and at the same time offers good quality.

3- Dewalt brand

The Dewalt brand is one of the most popular drilling brands on the market. There are some drills going backwards instead of going through while drilling hard stuff, but this drill has a very high pass through hard steel. The pieces in this set are extremely durable and resist chipping, tearing, or fading even after many uses. DeWalt is an American brand of industrial and hand tools. Among the company’s products are cobalt drill bits, titanium and vanadium alloys.

4- Bush

You must have heard the name Bosch Tools. Bosch is a prominent and well-known German brand, whose products, from household appliances to gadgets, have been sold in Iran for many years. The products of this brand are of high quality. Drills with titanium coating, cobalt drills and other types of drills are products of this brand.

5- Funhouse exercise

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a drill set, we recommend a Van Haus drill set. This kit is affordable and filled with a variety of parts. It contains 246 strong and durable bits to navigate the toughest materials or to penetrate the thinnest sheet of steel, glass, wood, plastic or wall. Each piece is coated with titanium steel (HSS). Most of the exercises are compatible with shock exercises.

All kinds of measuring devices


It’s a professional, affordable set that’s suitable for just about any job. The 70-piece set includes a complete set of tools for mounting, driving, as well as drilling. The reasonable price along with the quality and durability of this set is a great advantage of this brand. By purchasing this set, you will be using these pieces for a long time.

Summary of the types of exercises:

  • A steel drill bit is the cheapest type of drill bit, which is only suitable for drilling wood and other soft materials.
  • Drill with high speed steel material: More rigid than ordinary steel, this type of drill is suitable for drilling hardwoods as well as aluminum, PVC and fiberglass.
  • Titanium Coated Drills: These types of drills are more expensive than other drills and do not create as much friction as a steel drill, and reduce the heat generated while working. These drills are used to drill wood, fiberglass, soft metal, plastic or similar plastic.
  • Carbide-tipped drills: Expensive, but these drills are very durable and last much longer than steel-tipped drills – even high-speed steel and titanium. These drills are used to drill holes in tile, masonry or concrete.
  • Bits with black oxide coating: These types of drills are all-purpose steel drills with a special coating that helps prevent rust and corrosion in the drill.
  • Cobalt drill bits: Typically the more expensive option, these are ultra-strong drill bits that are mostly used to drill a variety of metals, including steel and iron.

Best brand of drill bits in the market; Buy the original and high quality drill bit from a reputable place

Drills are one of the practical cutting tools that should be included in the toolbox for people with drills, hammer drills, gearbox drills, picor and other types of drills. Without training, it would be impossible to perform basic construction tasks. From drilling holes and wall mount frames to hanging pictures, there is no task too big or small to perform the drill, but there are different types of drills and each drill bit has a specific role to play.

The fact of the matter is that in the drilling market, brands and brands are not so important and quality rating is of great importance in rating drills. The point is not, what is the best brand of drill bits available in the market? The point is, from which center to buy machine tools and drills, because it is very difficult to determine and recognize the authenticity of these tools. For this purpose, we will present online stores in this area, but first, let’s get information about this tool.

A drill is a removable cutting tool that attaches to a variety of drills and punches a hole in the material you’re working on. They come in many shapes and sizes as some are better suited for cutting certain materials than others. So, by knowing what size to use to make the hole, you can make the correct hole in the right position. Be sure to pay attention to a few points before purchasing the exercises.

First, it is important to know exactly what you need it for. Do you drill holes in stone or wood? Or do you need precision drilling on hard materials like glass? What you are excavating is the first thing to consider. The next thing to consider is how accurate you have to be. Some are ideal for making clean holes while others are suitable for making uneven holes. Again, it is important here to have a clear understanding of what you are doing so that you can find the best type of exercise for your project.

Drill Buying Guide

To choose the right drill, you must first consider the material that will be drilled. Each material has a specific hardness and mechanical properties. The main criteria to consider before choosing your exercises are the following:

  • Drilling material: HSS or tungsten carbide
  • drilling diameter
  • Drill Type: Twist, Step, Reamer, Center, Conical
  • drill cap
  • Drill length (short or long)

According to the use of this tool, the choice will be variable. For wood, there are types of drills called wood drills, which can be used on any wood, including softwood, hardwood, veneer, or plywood. For metals, there are different types of drill bits that are specifically used to pierce each type of metal. For making holes in the stone, iron drills with welded tungsten carbide tips are suitable for tiles and glass, and glass and ceramic drills are suitable, which look like small spears. They are typically used at low drilling speeds.

Input drilling types

Drills are tools that are placed on the end of drills and drill holes in a variety of hard materials. The aperture created is generally circular; Although some specialized drills can cut holes in other shapes for special purposes. The drill is connected to a rotating part at the end of the drill, which is called three drilling systems, and these three systems are connected to a motor that is usually powered by electricity. Power is supplied via a cable or battery.

Drills are usually made of steel, cobalt, and carbide. Each material has unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, carbides are very hard materials that are suitable for working drills. Steel is often tough enough to do the job and flexible enough to resist breaking. This is especially important in situations where the drill is hand held and therefore there are slight angle changes while drilling.

For most types of drills, the angle of the drill tip helps determine the application for which the tool is made. Points with flat angles, such as those with 135 degrees, are suitable for drilling the most rigid materials. Sharp-tipped bits, such as those with a 118-degree angle, are suitable for the softest materials.

These drills stay in the center of the drill better and produce cleaner holes. The size of the drill reflects the diameter of the drill body. Some projects require specific sizes, but drill sets ranging from 1/16″ to 1/4″ will work on most jobs around the home and workshop. If necessary, you can also purchase larger types.

Drill bits are used to create larger diameter holes in wood and are able to make very clean cuts. However, its main advantage is that it produces flat-bottomed holes (except for the small indentation left from the center point). Unlike other drills, they can be used to make multiple holes on top of each other. Drill bits are commonly used when installing hinges on cabinet doors. Gasoline drills provide the best results when used on a drill stand, but many of the smaller sizes are ideal for use in drills as well as stationary drills.

Metal drills with semi-ground tip are suitable for non-ferrous metals. These include aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, iron and non-alloy steel. Bits made of cobalt alloy steel (HSS-E) or even titanium-coated drills are required for stainless steel. These drills are more expensive than conventional HSS drills, but allow drilling in special steel without corroding the top bits. For drilling in concrete, a concrete drill with a hammer drill or SDS drill is used, but if the wall is made of porous stone, only rotational drilling is carried out.

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