Variety of warm-up exercises with the ball in the practical Heinen course

Various warm-up exercises with the Heinen Practical Course

The practical class of the International Special and Advanced Volleyball Course in Iran is dedicated to warm-up exercises and will follow these various exercises this evening (Wednesday, April 7th) at Heineken. From the Volleyball Federation

Mokhberan news agency reported that the Education and Research Committee, in cooperation with the International Unit for Communication Management of the Volleyball Federation, organized a specialized and advanced international training course to improve the professional knowledge of the country’s top coaches and transfer their experiences. The greatest coaches in the world. volleyball The focus is on transferring experience, with proud Belgian coach Vital Heinen present.

The practical phase of the course was held today from 14:00 until 15:30 in the Volleyball Federation hall, and Vital Heinen conducted various exercises to increase the concentration of volleyball players for the coaches of this course.

Among the observers of the volleyball hall were its spokesman, Nasser Al-Marfakhri, and Mahmoud Afshardoust, an expert on the Board of Directors of the Volleyball Federation.

Topics at the theoretical level include training planning for team preparation, training design courses for advanced teams, managing the team during competition, and applying analysis to coaches.

More than 250 coaches and coaches from different parts of the country attended the course, which is the largest gathering of volleyball coaches in history. iron are considered.

The last theoretical stage of this course is today in the hotel conference room from 16:00 to 19:00. Olympic Games It will be held in Tehran.

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