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According to an online reporter, in the end Unfriendly primary Competitions The top four weightlifters, Hassan Yazdani, Amir Hossein Zar and Muhammed Nakhudi, went to the semi-finals of the World Freestyle Wrestling Championships in Belgrade, Serbia. climax had become

Weighing 79 kg Mohamed Nakoudi in the first round with a score of 7-6 in the choking match Yaaqoub old man the beauty of my straw Russian trap source He won from Romania. He won the next round 10-0 dolgon get off She defeated Mongolia and advanced to the quarter-finals climax Paving the way at this point is the winner’s pea bakzad Abdulrahman F Uzbekistan, the bronze medalist at the Olympic and World Games, advanced to the semi-finals by 10-5. climax Peas at this point with pave the way Vasil Mikhailov Ships from Ukraine.

Weighing 86 kg After taking a break in the first round, Hassan Yazdani entered the second round with a score of 10-0. Hallway.. balcony of a ground house Aksley He won from Moldova. He is on the third floor and platform a fourth climax With a score of 11 to zero, Sebastian Jezirzhansky The team defeated Poland and reached the semi-finals climax Pave the way, at which point he will face match-winner Boris Yazdani makov from Slovakia and affordable He goes from Georgia.

125 kg Amir Hussein Zarei in the second round after breaking in the first round with a score of 3-0 z He Deng, the world silver and bronze medalist, became the champion from China. He is on the third floor internally too One step climax With a score of 10 against Iskandar Khotsanevsky By defeating Ukraine, the world bronze medalist reached the semi-finals climax The paved road will face Zari Taha in this meeting Akgol The world and Olympic champion leaves Turkey.

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