Nikonam’s career guidance has made steel a success in the world rankings

Jershaby: Nekonam Folad has been a successful steel leader in the world rankings.

The CEO of Khuzestan Steel Club said that winning the title of the best Iranian team in the world rankings came as a result of the efforts of all members of the senior team and the career guidance of Javad Nekounam.

According to Mokhberan news agency; Congratulating this success to Khuzestan Steel fans, Hamidriya Gershasabi said: “As we see, Steel is now thriving despite the challenges that emerged at the beginning of the league competitions, and according to football experts in the country, it has an acceptable position in the competitions.” “

Qureshi continued, “I have always believed in the ‘easy end’ principle and I see this in my team. The team’s conditions were difficult with the window closed at the beginning of the competition, but with the perseverance of the team, thank God, and with the support of the CEO and members of the Khuzestan Steel Company board of directors, the obstacles were removed.”

The fact that Foolad managed to reach the eighth place as the second cheapest team in West Asia and to be the first team for Iran and the tenth in the world rankings for Asia shows the efforts and principles of cohesion and professionalism of the team members. All team members

Finally, the managers of the Khuzestan Steel Cultural Sports Club said: I listen to the words of the ardent and fanatical fans of Khuzestan Steel. Your enthusiastic encouragement will definitely boost the morale of the staff and the team.

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