Polakhtar in unhealthy air quality conditions

Informants / Lorestan “According to reports, the weather in Buldakhtar is unhealthy,” said the head of the General Department of Environmental Protection in Lorestan.

Regarding the recent dust situation in Lorestan, Ali Salarvand said: “Currently, the weather in most cities of the province is one and a half to three times the maximum allowed.”

“Accordingly, the air quality in the city of Boldakhtar remains in an unhealthy state,” he said.

Salarvand said: The cities of Khurramabad, Borujerd, Kodasht, Rumyshkan, Shejni, Silsilah, Delvan and Drod are also in an unhealthy position for small groups.

The head of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection in Lorestan added: The climatic conditions in Agna and Aligodars are acceptable.

He said: The phenomenon of dust is still present in all parts of the province, strongly and weakly, and it will be announced if it changes.

“All members of the community, especially the elderly, children and patients with cardiovascular and respiratory conditions, are advised to refrain from non-essential outdoor traffic if they suffer from it,” Salarvand added.

According to informants, the ninth day of the disease was recorded in Lorestan in 1401.

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