Formation of a specialized tourism working group in Semnan Province

According to the Semnan Province News Agency, Amir Karamzadeh stated at a meeting of the Trade, Industry, Mines and Agriculture Authority of Semnan Province on Wednesday, June 16, 1994: With the opening of these specialized institutions, the province will grow and develop. . Tourism development

The Director of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts in Semnan Province, pointed out that the development of tourism requires private investors, and pointed out: The capacity of the Chamber of Commerce can be used to participate in foreign exhibitions and training.

He said: Tourism and mining are two major forces in Semnan province. Tourism growth is effective in terms of job creation and economic growth.

“Sharing credit has an important role in the development of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts,” said Karamzadeh, who signed the province’s economic development memorandum in the areas of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts.

Referring to efforts to stimulate tourism in the province, he said, “Currently, the occupancy rate of hotels in the center of the province is 5 percent and in other places 4 to 7 percent.”

The head of industries, mines and agriculture at the Semnan Chamber of Commerce said that the historical monuments of this province are unique, and he said: There are historical monuments throughout the province.

Ali Asghar Zemaei stressed that the governorate needs to be planned to become a tourist destination, and added: “Strengthening NGOs can play a major role in transforming the governorate into a tourist destination.”

The heads of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture in Semnan province considered the full capacity of the province’s hotels a good sign and the presence of investment potential in the tourism industry, and said: “Tourism is an industry, oil and mines. It can be easily replaced.” no pollution

On Friday, the focus was on keeping investors safe and organizing special tours of industry, agriculture, etc.

Activists in the field of heritage, culture, tourism and handicrafts in Semnan Governorate expressed their suggestions and criticisms in specific areas.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations in the field of tourism in the province expressed their appreciation for the services and compliance of the managers of cultural heritage, tourism and handicrafts in the province of Semnan.


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