Provision of 50,000 seedlings for cultivation in Abadan – Iran Electronic News Agency and World News

Syed Muhammad Mawlawi said in an interview with one of the correspondents on the Internet: Green spaces and plants have positive psychological and psychological consequences and have a positive impact on the quality of life, as well as increasing per capita green spaces and creating a green belt play a special role in reducing air pollution.

He described the lack of green spaces in Abadan as one of the problems of this city and added: With follow-up, 50 thousand seedlings were handed over to the Department of Natural Resources and Watersheds in Abadan for cultivation.

And the representative of the Abadan people in Parliament continued: Eucalyptus, mesquitebeside, stave off and acacia There are plant species intended for cultivation in Abadan.

Mulvey considered caring for urban green spaces a necessity and said, “Given that weather conditions are such that we see fine dust some days of the year, planting trees is important and we hope that planning will help a lot in the field. To get a significant reduction in this problem.”

He stressed that the environment is one of the most important issues in today’s society and must be addressed in the field of education, recalling: environmental activists, especially those who have a relationship with this matter, who specialize in promoting environmental education, and the culture of tree planting, and environmental protection also has a central role and I am grateful for it all.

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